GPU and CPU not being fully utilized in Vray Next

I am trying to batch rendering, and it appears that Vray next is not using the CPU and GPU’s full capacity, I have Cuda turned on, so I’m not sure what I could be doing wrong and if this is happening to anyone else? My GPU is running at 3% while the CPU is around 30-40%. How to make Vray Next utilize the full GPU and CPU power or is this bug?

Edit: I’m using the latest version of Vray next 4.002 and Rhino 6.

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V-Ray batch rendering will be supporting GPU in the upcomming service release

When is this next service release? Also will this fix crashing issues? I find that when rendering in batch it crashes a lot.

I’m not aware of any particular issues. You should contact ChaosGroup support about that if you haven’t already.

Well,I have seen on the forums of others having crashing issues during rendering in which you replied. Ref link: Rhino 6 + vray next crash

So not sure if there is going to be fixes to the crashing during rendering based off these reports you have received or replied to?

Mine specifically crashes during batch, but don’t crash during a single image render. (I’m using bongo as well so not sure if there is a conflict with the two, but when i used without bongo it doesn’t crash.)

That is fixed, yes
Unfortunatelly I dont’t have a exact date for the next service release. Soon for certain

Okay, please keep it noted that there are conflicting issues with Bongo, I tried on two different computers and both have the same issue, crashing while using bongo in batch mode.