Rhino Vray GPU Issues

Hi, I’m having a lot of issues getting a scene to render with Vray using the GPU engine.
It’s an older project file that I originally did in an older version of Rhino, on an older PC. Some of the issues I had were obviously textures missing/not repathed correctly. I’ve since started copying the model parts to a new Rhino 7 file and reapplying the textures to them.

My latest issue is that it crashes the GPU rendering process immediately if I play with certain settings. I’d never had that issue before, so I did another audit and got this:


I was hoping to get an explanation of what these things are. The 1252 manifest items, is what I assume the ‘error’ refers to in that, am I reading that correctly?

I thought I might’ve figured it out, but it gave me this after I applied my materials to the objects instead of the layer. So I’m guessing my issues are mostly material related and possibly on the rhino side?