Vray - Rhino - GPU and CPU rendering

Hi there.

I’m going to buy a new PC for working with Rhino and Vray, and some Photoshop. And I have runned into a dilemma, CPU or GPU?

Now I’ve tried to mess around with it a bit, and look up all the information and I still cant figure it out. From what I’ve read, it seems like GPU rendering is the long term solution. But I simply cant figure out how to get Vray to render with my current GPU.

No-matter the settings (GPU acceleration or not) the computer still max out the CPU usage and barely uses the GPU?
I would really like if I could force Vray to only render with the GPU, so my computer was’nt useless while it renders.

Hope somebody can explain to me what I’m missing.

Thanks in advance.

What V-Ray version and GPU you have?

I’m using Rhino 5 and Vray 3.4

GPU: NVIDIA Quadro M4000
CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2620 V4 @ 2.10 GHz

Yes, you’re right, V-Ray settings set to Progressive/GPU Acceleration, I’ve got a small peak of 20% on the GPU while the CPUs were between 90 and 97%. 1m45.4s for my test scene.
Settings set to Progressive/CPU and about the same GPU/CPU usage. 1m43.8s for my test scene.

It’s only when the “Interactive” switch is turned on that the GPU gets a workout…

Hello, Stefan,

The issue you have encountered will be fixed in the upcoming v3.6.
Until then, please use the file I sent you in a PM as a temporary solution.

If anyone else also experiences the same problem, please contact support@chaosgroup.com for assistance.

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushev
V-Ray for Rhino QA

I have the same problem as well

i Might be a bit late for the discussion, but i do have the same problem. Still haven’t upgraded to v-ray 3.6 though…