Batch render not working on 1920 x 1080 with vray 3

Hi again.

Im trying to interface vray 3 with bongo. it worked on a 800 x 450 setting but keeps crashing after one render on the 1920 x 1080 setting.

im pressing
(batch render) > file > file selected
(In bongo) . render animation .> settings as per usual
(batch render) > start

any ideas if theres an interface problem?

any links to tutes appreciated

You can try the following:
Does rendering the same animation, using Viewport Display as the target render, render without crashing?
If the answer yes then I recommend that you contact Chaosgroup support.
If the answer is no, then we’d like to have a look at the model please.


I think its a chaos group thing then. Do you have instructions on animating
with v ray 3 as the buttons have all changed. Id like to check my work flow
to make sure im doing everything correctly.