Vray not using GPU

Vray in Rhino is not using my GPU at all, have looked at settings etc, any advice ? tia
running V6 Rhino, Vray 3.6, Quadro P2000 GPU

did you get any resolution on this? I just got a new computer and it doesn’t seem to be using the gpu at all…

unfortunately not :frowning:

I reached out to vray support…ill see what they say.

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There are very few details posted, and I’m not able to “guess” what is going on. For instance, how exactly you determined that the GPU is not used ? Did you render on the GPU ? Did you get an image out at all ? What about the message log ?

More circumstances, please

Hi Nikolay, I rendered in rhino 6 using the vray next plugin. I had it to the GPU option and I had the task manager performance open, so I could see that the GPU was not being used above 5%. Also, I ran the vray benchmark and got a very poor score. I need to fix this so i can use the GPU horsepower as it’s meant to be used.

@PeterB is that 328 score with or without using your Ryzen? Seems it is without. I get 81 with a M4000 so yours is about 4x as fast, which I think is normal. I don’t think Vray is using the raytracing cores yet.

Tested here - the problem is the Windows taskmanager. I get 10% usage there, but the free tool GPU-Z shows me 98% GPU usage.

It is not the task manager that is the problem, but the wrong metric.
One must specify “cuda” or “compute_n” to see more realistic load:

Thanks G. Yes, it’s without using Ryzen. I guess I expected more when I compare to the scoreboard.

Ahhh now I see it. I noted that the cuda graph is flat with vray but dances when I initiate a raytrace mode. Interesting…

Will give this a shot. Thanks.