Free Dark mode for Rhino 7

Here is a free dark mode for rhino 7:

To import the settings just type ‘optionsimport’ in the command line.

You can leave the grid checkbox empty if you want to use the rhino standard colors.

For a dark grid/viewport just use brighter layer colours.

Have fun!!

Dark mode_rh7.ini (151.3 KB)


hi! I set the dark mode but i want to change it back to the standard mode, how can i do that?

Hi Valeria -
You could use the Rhino PackageManager to download the colorscheme plug-in and see if that gets you what you want.


It worked.
Thank you so much!

I also tried this but wanted to switch back to the default, and I was able to get the default colors on everything except the viewport background for some reason… colorscheme doesn’t restore it, and manually going to File > Properties > Appearance > Colors > Viewport Colors > Background and changing the color doesn’t do anything… changing the other colors has an immediate effect (like major grid lines and so on) but the background specifically does not want to change… help!

I have uninstalled Rhino and downloaded again with a brand new installer but the color stays the same, I really don’t understand why the color persists.

Hello- check the viewport display mode settings - these may override the viewport background.



i have done so, but it doesn’t work

Hi -

Could you provide some more information? You did what and what doesn’t work?

what does this tell you?

i have made all modified values to default, i think that worked