Custom grid color for custom display mode

Based on Wireframe I created a custom display mode with white background. The default mid gray for the grid is a bit too strong. I’d prefer it to be a brighter gray. But only for that mode.

Can this be done?


are you talking about something like this? You can play with the transparency in this case.

Thanks for the suggestion! It does work, but only half: The major grid lines are then hard to differentiate. When I manually assign colors, I have more control, and that doesn’t happen. Also, but of course that was not part of my initial question, I like to change the color for selected objects to something a bit darker.

In the end, it would be fine if it’s not per display mode, but more globally: I simply would like to have one Rhino color configuration for working with white background, and one for working with the default gray background.

It would be nice to be able to save color schemes, perhaps as part of a workspace.

Hi Felix -

We have that request on the list (RH-10212) and I added this thread.

Thanks! Is that public? does not bring anything up.

In the meantime, I wonder if it would be possible to create some sort of script to change the colors back and forth.

Or can I start Rhino with two different INI files for different color configs?

You can use Schemes…

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It’s cumbersome, but it does the trick for now. Thanks!

Yeah, for just changing color schemes it’s unwieldy. You can actually do that internally “on the fly” with some scripting - at least background colors, grid settings etc. - no need to use a scheme.

I use schemes for starting Rhino in different languages and workspaces (default and custom).

Interesting. How would I script changing the colors?

My color scheme when doing illustrations is as follows:

  • Background: white

  • Minor grid lines: 95% gray

  • Major grid lines: 90% gray

  • Selection: orange

rhinoscriptsyntax has a method for addressing all of the principal appearance color settings -

So your requested color settings above would be items 0, 1, 2 and 5

An example script with your values might look like this:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

You might also be interested in something a little more elaborate, below is a script I have for choosing between white, several shades of gray, black and custom, as well as “reset to defaults”. You run the script and pick the scheme you want from the list. The interesting thing is that the grid colors are adaptive to the background color chosen. I made this for me, you may or may not like it, but all of it is adjustable by varying the numbers in the script. (2.1 KB)

Note this was made for Rhino 5 I think, but it still works in 6 and 7. After the immediate write-back of appearance changes to the settings file was implemented (I think in V6), this means that if you run the script in any running Rhino instance, it immediately affects all other running instances as well.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation! For now I am actually exploring Schemes, which you mentioned earlier. In a way it makes sense to have a different configuration for doing illustrations with Rhino, other than just a different color scheme.