Background colour in viewport

How do I change background colour in viewport please? I have solid colour selected in settings but changing the colour has no effect, the default grey remains.

are you editing the right display mode?

make sure the display mode you have your viewport set to is the same one you’re editing in preferences > display modes… then you’ll see the changes in the viewport.

I’ve never seen a display mode window - but assume that is the Windows version. I’m using the Mac Beta version of Rhino. My display mode in the view menu is rendered.

If you look at Jeff’s image, you can tell it is OSX not Windows by the close, min & Max buttons at top left, not square 1990’s buttons on top right like Windows.

To find that panel, follow the images …

Also if you got to Colors Section, in Preferences panel (image 2), you can change grid (View) colours here.

IHTH «Randy

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Aha! Thanks kindly Randy. I didn’t even know we had a preferences menu - clearly I’m not paying enough attention to the version updates.

can you tell me how you got it,i am facing the same issue?

Hi - Preferences > Display Modes > [your mode] > Viewport Settings > Background

If you prefer to have that set to Use application settings, then set the colors here:
Preferences > Colors > Viewport colors

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