Fixing Rhino WIP Startup Faliures

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I finally found the problem. It had to do with a bug on our license validation server. It issued validation codes that were not correct. They had a timestamp field filled out wrong - meaning they worked fine until the validation grace period had passed.

###The Fix:

  1. Close Rhino WIP
  2. Open the Registry Editor (From the Start menu, type RegEdit, then press Enter)
  3. In Registry Editor, browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\McNeel\LicenseCache
  4. Delete values that start with “4-160”
  5. Close Registry Editor
  6. Open Windows Explorer
  7. In the Address bar, paste “%programdata%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\License Manager\Licenses” then press Enter
  8. Delete the file named “06bb1079-5a56-47a1-ad6d-0b45183d894b.lic”
  9. Start Rhino
  10. Enter your Rhino WIP license key (you can get it again at
  11. Validate your license again
  12. Rhino will tell you it is expired. Close Rhino
  13. Start Rhino again - everything should load properly.

This should work regardless of the build of Rhino WIP you are running.

Please let me know if this doesn’t work for you.

Hmm, first try at this resulted in the same WIP expired message. I was asked to re-enter my key and validate, both of which I did. This was on (6.0.14266.10541, 9/23/2014), I’m going to go through the steps again and then try to install 2014-10-1



Same result with (6.0.14274.3191, 10/1/2014), WIP expired. Also, I’m not sure if it is relevant, but when I go through your steps above, then start Rhino, I see the exact same 4-1600 key (I’m not sure about the value in the key though) in RegEdit is generated as well as the 06bb1079-5a56-47a1-ad6d-0b45183d894b.lic file.

It’s normal for the registry key to get created, as well as the file. That this isn’t working is not so good.

With the latest WIP installed, please do the following:

  1. In the registry, under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\Global Options\Debug Logging
  2. create REG_DWORD (32) value named “Enabled” and set the data to “1”
  3. create REG_DWORD (32) value named “SaveToFile” and set the data to “1”
  4. Run Rhino 6
  5. Send me the file “RhinoDebugMessages.txt” in your My Documents folder.

Very strange. I did that, started Rhino, and it is now working. Perhaps it needed another shot at contacting the license validation server? I can send you the RhinoDebugMessages.txt if you want it, but for now it seems to be fixed.

Weird indeed. Yes, please send me the RhinoDebugMessages.txt file - maybe there’s a clue about what went wrong.

Hi Brian,

This indeed fixed the installed WIP.
Everything loads fine and seems OK.
After closing I got the prompt to install the latest update. Upon doing so I got some error dialogs…hmmm…I rebooted Windows and tried again to allow for the installation of the update:

clicked 2 times OK as the dialog pops up 2 times, then get this:

Hit OK and the installer progress-bar empties out in reverse and installer bails out.

Any ideas you want me to test.

It’s late here so maybe no reply until in about 10 hours.


Perhaps try a manual download and install to see if that is any smoother?

Hi Brian,

this worked for me as described with one small difference: After i´ve removed the registry entries and deleting the *.lic file, i´ve entered my license key and registered. Once the validation completed, i still got the litle dialog that the wip expired. I´ve chosen “continue” and Rhino was loaded without toolbars and save disabled. Then i´ve just reopened Rhino and the toolbars and plugins loaded fine. I´m using the built of yesterday (6.0.14274.3191) which i´ve downloaded manually. So for me it seems to be up and running again.

thanks !

Hi Willem,

Please try uninstalling Rhino WIP and then install from scratch… does that fix it?

@brian OK, on my workstation here at work I followed the procedure in the first post exactly and it seems to have worked flawlessly. I had previously installed the most recent build.

After having deleted the indicated registry key and closed Regedit, I started Rhino 6. It asked me for my key, I entered it and then the validation screen came up. I went through the validation procedure (skipping the registration part) and validation was successful. Rhino 6 then opened with toolbars (my custom workspace) and all.

This part didn’t happen though:

Rhino started up right away after the validation without telling me it was expired.

Anyway, here at least, things are working, will now try on my laptop…


Fixes my system.
After the old WIP showed no toolbars but had a valid license, I installed the current build and got the License Expired pop-up. Now everything seems to work again.

The process outlined in the first post worked for me.

OK, on my laptop, the procedure also worked. This time I did get the “expired” message again when I opened V6 the first time afterwards, but then once I closed and re-opened, it launched correctly, toolbars and all.

So, all good here for the moment… Thanks!


Hi Brian,

Finally got to set this up and I’m happy to inform you all is working again after a
full un-install | download | re-install.


Worked for me.
Updated to the 2014 10 01 .

Now all is fixed!
Ver. 6.0.14280.10341, 07/10/2014 installed and running without problems.

This also worked for me earlier this month.
Two days ago I got a message that a new version was available and I installed that one - or at least, I tried.
Now I am getting the following:

After that second one, the installation rolls back.
Any ideas?

same thing here.

@wim and @Ernest
Have a look here for the probable fix:


Of course. Thanks Willem.