Latest install won't open

hi @brian, same here after reinstall, no toolbars or pluins.


New WIP (yesterday) didn’t fix anything… :frowning:


On my workstation it refuses to open. It just crashes.
When opened in safe mode I get to the “do you want to install the toolbar.rhp” question and click Yes to that three times and then it crashes. So toolbars seems to be the issue.

A shot in the dark, but could it be language related? I am Norwegian so I have some of the letters “æ”, “ø” or “å” in some of the paths on the computer.

My system is entirely in English… --Mitch

By the way, I manually downloaded the latest build on my laptop now, and got the same “expired” message, with no toolbars.

Jep you just have to accept your machine is disabled for the WIP right now.
We just have to wait for @brian to get us fixed up.


Yeah, it turns out this week has been full of broken-ness. The license validation system has been misbehaving for much of the week, affecting a large number of Rhino 5 users. I’ve been focused on fixing that. Once that, and a Rhino 5 SR10 release candidate is out, I’ll get back to fixing this. Sorry to leave you without a working WIP for so long.

Those of you who cannot run Rhino WIP: how many of you have Apple iCloud installed on your computer?

I’ve created RH-28816 and have added some logging code to the Rhino WIP build. With the next release, maybe I’ll be able to see why the WIP thinks it is expired.

I’ll probably send a couple of you private builds prior to the next WIP release to get some information.

Not here… iTunes yes, iCloud no. --Mitch


I don’t. Not iTunes either.


Thanks for the update, I understand the situation and going to just wait this out.

Good luck getting things back on track

Oh crud, I guess my time has come. I am also now a member of the WIP Expired club. I’m guessing it’s just because did my first install a bit later than the rest of you.


Grab a chair.
We just made fresh coffee, and there’s beer in the fridge

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No iCloud or iTunes here as well. If i check for updates i get:

Unknown command: _UpdatesAndStatistics

good luck !


Hi @brian, after install of yesterdays (6.0.14274.3191) build i now get the same Wip expired message as posted by Mitch above. Still save disabled and no toolbars.


Me too, and then I noticed my time and date off by 12 hours… not sure if that was my fault or not, but correcting that fixed the WIP.


I wonder if in another 12 hours you’ll see the problem in earnest…

I’ve been sending builds back and forth with Helvetosaur, and am narrowing down the problem… still no solution yet, though.

this topic is continued here

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