File Attachments?

Continuing the discussion from Wow! And a few requests and questions already:

File attachments are something that aren’t supported by Discourse yet. It’s something that is on their radar, and it’s something we may be able to help with, but we can’t promise a timeline for when that might happen.

Until then, a number of third party file upload services are options:

There are many others.

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Here’s a test of a 3dm file shared from my google drive

I am working on figuring out a better solution than this, but at least for now this does work.

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testing an attchment from my google drive:

hello test

I found that if you click on the ‘link’ icon in the text editor where you are typing, you can prettify the link and have it show up as a description rather then as a url

Hi Willem- Steve pointed out to me that if you click on the ‘link’ icon in the text editor where you are typing, you can prettify the link and have it show up as a description rather then as a url


indeed. didn’t you read the rest of my post?

We need to get used to that.

tell me how did you get that stickman robot image?
are we to be stuck with those hieroglyphs?

Hi Willem- that guy is a Gravatar.
But, I did not see the ‘rest of your post above’… must be something I am still missing in this system.


OK, now I see your followup- that took a while to show up here I guess. All is clear…

I meant we need to get used to replies being edited,
rendering our reply stupid or worse

Well changing the avatar needed me to register to yet another website…
but now I have a piece of Albrecht Dürer and a new fancy link.


Editing is tricky. On the one hand, it is very useful. On the other it an render the conversation nonsensical. On stack overflow they limit editing to 5 minutes, I think. That might be a good compromise.

Yes I agree, a time limit will allow for editing of oversights and such
However I never felt it a real problem on the NG

Not being able to edit afterwards -in my case- helps to truly evaluate what I wrote before posting.


There is a 5 minute editing feature also in discourse and it is currently on. You may still be able to edit your post after that time period, but the user interface will display different to other users “possibly show up as an unread item”.

We actually have slightly different rules for when you edit the last post VS a random post in the topic after grace period has elapsed. We will not revive an item back to “unread” state after edit.

If you edit the last post after grace it will cause the topic to bump.

Yup. Google drive is an excellent idea !

amazing. It actually works downloading from that google drive as well. Most, if not all, SN stuff is blocked in our network (looks like Dropbox is open). NNTP is also blocked and replying to threads in the HTML version of the NG from my laptop on the network also proved to be impossible. I ended up reading the NG on my Windows mobile phone (and that works fine walking back and forth between home and work) but posting from a phone is a nightmare.
So, while I also hate saying goodbye to NNTP, I’m looking forward to at least trying Discourse.
I do hope that in the future, Discourse will at least wrap to the width of the screen on a mobile phone…


File attachments should now be working in the latest upgrade. The button on the toolbar still looks like an image and should probably look like a paperclip, but it supports both images and a large variety of file formats.

I’m currently working on adding file attachments support to Discourse and I’d like to get your feedback.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking:

  • Admins define a list of authorized file extensions users can upload
  • Users upload authorized file using either drag & drop or the composer toolbar
  • Uploaded file’s content/encoding is checked server-side for safety reason
  • Attachments are displayed inline the post inside a lightbox like this one

filename.pdf (1.2Mb)

Thoughts? Questions?

I like the lightbox. What is the advantage of your system over

  • will I be able to upload/download files while at work where SN is blocked?
  • will I be able to view all attached images on my mobile phone (as opposed to about half of them in the current solution)?