Does anyone use a web service to upload and share rhino files?

Does anyone use a web service to upload and share rhino files rather than a using a local network? Are there free services, could I use my Google drive to do this if I give others permissions?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to upload/share files on a web drive, insert them as blocks in a master on my computer while colleagues work on other details of the plan, then when doing an update block command would a web connection work?


Can’t see any reason why google docs or dropbox wouldn’t work as you describe.

Alternatively though, try using worksession instead of blocks. It is designed to work as you outlined.

I belive McNeel needs to take a look at this, to make sure relative paths work properly. We need the ability to stack stuff in folders so we are not forced to use Dropbox on the C: drive.

Adding relative paths has been on the wishlist since V2, so it is about time anyway :slight_smile:

I don’t know what kind of internet connections you got around there but I can see huge pain from directly linking to files over the internet.

Hi All,

Thanks for the replies, it looks like at the moment the best thing for me is merely to share files but not link directly.

Rhino 5 should properly find linked blocks even if they aren’t on the same drive, so long as their relative paths are the same. If not, please post some files and a screen shot of the folder structure you have on your computer for us to test.

Good to know, then we are a step in the right direction.

We need proper relative handling of anything linked. Images, materials etc. And with “propper” I mean finding them and add the option to relocate and/or replace lost links.

This is very important for making backups too, or move project folders on the server.

There is also an issue with paths that if Rhino don’t find the material map in the right location, but does find it in the same directory as the rhino file, then it does not alter the path. So the document still believes that the image is in the old location.

This causes trouble for exporting the model to 3DPDF’s with Simlab’s plugin.

Let us know if you find places in Rhino where it can’t find files properly. There is a mechanism in Rhino designed to make it easy (for the programmer) to search for the linked file in all the “reasonable” places (including relative to the 3DM file). We should be able to fix these bugs in a straightforward way.

Ok, thanks Brian, I didn’t know that, so I will keep it in mind and send you scenarios when and if they shows up.