Wow! And a few requests and questions already

Me likes it! Being one of those who pushed for it in the begining and all that. Now my points:

1-Attachements? That was my one concerne when I checked it? Can’t find a way to add them besides updating somewhere else and linking.

2- A back button, pretty please?

3-A settings page option to change the landing page. I want categories intead of latest items.

Good luck to all with our new toy!

The attachment options will likely expand over time but for now the decision was made to support image attachments in posts and for any other file format you’ll need to put in on a cloud server of your choice and provide a link. You should be able

That was strange, my post got capped at a certain number of characters. Lets see if it happens again… In short, 2- the back button on the browser should work for going back and 3- I’ll have to dig but I think this is possible too.

Brian (both Brians actually), if you don’t enable uploading of at least .3dm and .zip files this forum will be next to useless, you may as well give it up now before it goes on too long…

Regarding 3- It looks like you can sort by category using the three line icon next to your avatar image at the top right. This will change the browser address and if you bookmark that you will land on only topics in that category.

Back isn’t working here, IE9. could it be some setting on my side?

I see no tree here…

At least size limited 3dm, zip can open to things I guess are what Brian is trying to avoid.

I found this topic on the discourse forums…

Ok, got it, works on Firefox. I can live with that…

Still no trees though.
EDIT:SugarSync Exposes the email on the download page, no go

OK, it’s easy enough with Sugar Sync 2.0 BUT… the file links most likely will not last as long as the messages and a lot of broken answers will be left.

That’s a big downside of web forums with valuable support or education. Keeping the images is a good start already though, one forum that I contributed a lot and now has a lot of broken tutorials is Maxwell Render forum

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This is supposed to be a $@%! support forum… If you can’t upload even largish files, well, then, it’s next to useless (for me anyway).

my favorite site for quickly sharing files is, but they also have a short timespan for keeping files.

@brian, Is there any way you can put a file store for this discourse forum on the newsgroup (or some random slow-but-big) server? We need something that will stay attached to this new forum.

I know you have a support FTP site. Is there any way to make that seamlessly integrate with attachments here?

See my reply here:

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I guess you could save a link in your bookmarks bar to

I’m not sure what the setting would do? Make it so that when you click Forums at the top it acts as if you clicked on Categories instead?

If you want features added to Discourse, please post your feature requests at - that’s where the Discourse developers hang out. We’re just using the product; not actively developing or contributing to it at this point.

I like the direction, where this is going !

Incredible… for an environment whose main purpose is support for group of software packages and where people are encouraged to beta test, report bugs, detailed experiences, and provide helpful tutorials… you choose a platform which does not allow direct attachments of the files that are need to support such an environment?

  • Constructive criticism is welcome, but remember to criticize ideas, not people.

You got it…

I think they will get the .3dm support up and running in no time. just read about what they support allready.

This will mature over time.


Is there an option to THREAD responses? Right now it’s just a linear mess. Besides the file upload (which I assume will be fixed, or this is dead in the water), that’s my main complaint looking in here.

And for some reason my avatar keeps flipping from the one I created on Gravatar to this default forum one. That’s annoying.

Okay… I was going to post an image of the flipped avatars I’m seeing, but it just told me “new users can’t post images” – so… when are we no longer a new user?