Is the 2Mb limit on uploading files new?

Or did I just not notice it before? --Mitch

That is the default limit in Discourse, unchanged. If you need it raised, let us know.

OK, thanks, I guess I never noticed it, just surprised after all this time that I haven’t once tried to upload a bigger file than that…


Just ran into the limit. Wanted to share the source photographs for HDRI lighting, which are just above 2 MiB in size.

It would be great if the limit could be increased!

For comparison, seen today when posting to the forum on

Screenshot showing generous 64 MiB limit on Shapways forum

Personally, I think 20mb would be a good limit here.

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We are making the new default 3 MB for all Discourse instances.

Why so small? Is it a speed issue or…

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I am a bit concerned about bumping this too high cause our upload component currently clogs web worker. We have some work pending to remove that restriction (and make uploads resumable as well for large files). @zogstrip already did this work in a different area so it would be straight forward to port.

I think a default of 3MB / 4MB is sane for the general Discourse consumers as the only uploads used are really just images.

In a site like mcneel I totally understand you want larger uploads (projects, large images, etc)

Ultimately as a customer this is your call and we would be happy to amend your config to allow for what you decide. cc @stevebaer

That being said, most people these days have some sort of cloud storage like Dropbox where you can link a file in your “public” folder…


Over time, that leads to broken links, as can be seen in many forums on the web. I advocate storing images and other data together with posts.

This whole discussion reminds me of an old Joel article:

At my last job, the system administrator kept sending me automated spam complaining that I was using more than … get this … 220 megabytes of hard drive space on the server. I pointed out that given the price of hard drives these days, the cost of this space was significantly less than the cost of the toilet paper I used. Spending even 10 minutes cleaning up my directory would be a fabulous waste of productivity.

Top notch development teams don’t torture their programmers. Even minor frustrations caused by using underpowered tools add up, making programmers grumpy and unhappy. And a grumpy programmer is an unproductive programmer.

Substitute programmer by Rhino user.

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Thanks! I think it would be best to stick with the default of 3MB until @zogstrip “clears to clog”. Once that is done, then we can switch to a higher limit of something like 20MB.

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The 3MB setting is a global “safe” default for all Discourse instances.

Here’s some quick back of the envelope calculations I did about upload file sizes:

The new 3 MiB limit doesn’t work (Chrome 36 / Win7):

  1. Choose 2.31 MiB file for upload:

    Screenshot of Windows file select dialog

  2. Upload starts.

  3. Upload stops at 97%.

  4. Error message: “Sorry, the image you are trying to upload is too big (maximum size is 3072kb), please resize it and try again.”

    Screenshot of error message

@sam can we double check this? The new 3MB limit should be in effect everywhere?

Confirmed … just deployed a fix.

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