Strange mouse behavior

Any one else experiencing strange mouse behavior? I am having issues dragging windows for selection and the RMB auto repeat feature. I replaced the batteries in my mouse, even though the were still “fair” on the life meter. I haven’t been on Rhino much since the SR6 release, not sure if it is related or not.


Broken mouse…well that’s the symptoms I got when my last one broke on me. That was a wired mouse.

Tried a wireless mouse (never again) and also had trouble dragging and clicking, so maybe it is just that wireless mouse are bad for CAD.

yes, I also went back to a cable mouse, I am using a logitech G400 “gamer” mouse now and am very happy with it, no more lagging and awesome precision/control



Well we are using these mice on every system in here, they seem to work quite well, but on my system, just in the last few days it has gotten quirky. That is why I thought maybe something in the SR was to blame.

Logitech M570


Hi Don- maybe reinstalling the mouse driver might sort it out.