Feature request: Real time (curve) filleting preview mode

Could the fillet tool be improved to offer an option of live filleting? Here’s what I mean, demonstrated in Revit:

Ideally, you would be able to type the radius on the fly, so you can first visualise what would be an appropriate radius prior to choosing a numerically correct value. Perhaps, there could be an option to round to the nearest whole number, i.e. 7479 could become 7500mm or 7475mm depending on the rounding increment 100, or 25 respectively. That way, you would not have to type as much.

Hi -

I found a 1999-07-22 feature request for that in the database (RH-429 - not visible to the public). I’ve added your voice to RH-2777. It doesn’t look like anything that complicates the workflow is going to get any traction in the near future. The suggested workflow seems to be to use tangent arcs that have live preview.

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Thanks for the swift response, hope it makes it in soon!

You might be interested in looking into this thread:



Also, I take issue with the “complicates workflow” comment. This, if anything, simplifies and streamlines the workflow, since you don’t need to jump between tools to get what you want.

But yes, the above linked thread contains an interim solution that’s really nice and whatever they’re paying Pascal it should be increased.

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