More interactive curve fillet tool?

Hi, I am not sure if there is a way already to do it, but it would be helpful to have FilletCurve work with a interactive radius preview. Currently we have to know the radius to fillet and while tracing maps or shapes quite often the radius is just a visual thing, the numbers don’t matter. The closest tool to be used is Arc - Tangent to Curves with nice interactive preview, but it still requires several extra clicks to re-trim them to the radius. Maybe Fillet command option “Interactive=Yes/No”? if yes, after picking both curves to fillet we could mouse-move to adjust the fillet radius and on confirm click Rhino would add fillet/trim the curves?




nice suggestion, I’ll write it up-

in teh meantime, BlendCrv has an interactive element that may do what you are asking-

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Also -



i put this in a toolbar button to kind of do this

! _-Runscript (
	Rhino.Command "_Arc _Tangent Pause"
	If Rhino.LastCommandResult = 0 then
		Rhino.Command "_Trim"
	End if
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Hi Kyle, thanks - I can’t open the YT Item - is it not public?

Not really, apart from not creating perfect arcs, it literally “does not cut it”, meaning we can’t get two segments of polyline and fillet with it and auto-trim the curve as the fillet does.
The closest interactive tool that has a nice preview is Circle TanTanTan or Act Tangent to curves but these don’t trim either, hence the original request.