Fillet Radius Change

In recent WIP builds, I find the extra pick on the end of the fillet command to set the radius annoying.
I often use Fillet to extend and/or trim a bunch of lines to clean corners with 0 radius fillets and the extra pick required for each fillet is disconcerting.
Thanks, Lowell

Hi Lowell,

I did that change. It’s not done yet as getting the fillet radius is still a little clunky. The issue is here. You should just be able to enter through with the default distance and get through with only a key press and not a pick. I think there’s a balance between quickly getting results and being able to preview and modify that the Fillet command does poorly. I can toss an advance setting in there to get the previous behavior back but I do think the preview and ability to modify results before committing is an improvement. You might be able to talk me out of it though.

Thanks for explaining. I figured it was intentional.
I guess it comes down to whether you are trying to make something a certain size or trying to make it visually responsive. I can see that some people would rather have the visual adjustment. I usually want a certain size fillet (often 0) with the least effort.
Not a big deal in the scheme of things. I just find it a little annoying.

FYI, that can also be done with _Connect

I don’t understand the extra click if the radius is already chosen. For those who are accustomed with the V7 workflow this is a drawback.

For the time being: old behavior is _Fillet MultiPause Enter

The new filleting with a preview is something that has been requested a lot. Matching a radius visually is what this tool is about. But I agree that in case the radius is known, the extra Enter is annoying.