Better Feedback: for filleting corners, edges and normal fillet

Set Distance Point in FilletCorners like in Fillet
And make FilletEdge show the real calculated fillets and not just the radius handles. It’s hard to evaluate the proper output.
Autoupdating fillets while dragging or other input to change the radius on the fly would be great even with multiple radii.

Would be more intuitive.

Thank you for your consideration.


There is this YT RH-73771 Fillet command - interactive UI

Let me know if anything else needs to be added.

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@Gijs not completely sure but for first sight a HUD display of the interactively changing radius amount would be great like with the mouse pointer and the length display in certain operations.

Preview similar to this example is what I understand from that where you get a preview, a radius and multiple attempts to change or type a value:

Gijs, that preview would be a lot more useful if 2 things happened:

  1. You guys add a snapping value increment to the manual numerical dragging. I might want to use a radius for 3mm, 3.1mm, or 3.2mm. Never, ever, ever will I want to input 3.117mm.

  2. As the preview is running also query is the result will work or it will fail. If at 3.2mm the fillets happens to touch ‘fillet lava’ or ‘fillet kryptonite’ make it red in the preview. So I know using that number will imply more manual labor after.

In other words, improvements in UX needs to be there to solve the ‘jobs to be done’ and help minimize the number of steps to accomplish a task; not to make more sleek the same-old same-old bureaucratic and labor-intensive existing approach to modeling.



thanks I added those two items to that YT

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