Curve fillet determine radius realtime

For design purposes it would be nice to have an option to realtime determine the radius of a fillet. So, if you want to fillet two lines I suggest you can pick the crossingpoint (or end) of the lines and drag the fillet into the corner.
This also could be very handy for other tools like chamfer, fillet edge.

So, a wish to have more realtime adjustments within commands.



Second this!
Would be great to have a preview before committing to it also. A little like you can do with fillet edge for solids/surfaces.

Method for “real time” fillet.

Circle command, Tangent option.

Pick first curve for fillet

Pick second curve for fillet

When prompted for the third curve, instead move the cursor so that the resulting circle provides a fillet of the desire radius, then click to create the circle

Trim command

Select the two curves and the circle

Click/select the unwanted parts of the circle and curves which will be trimmedd

This is indeed a realtime method. But it should be better if it comes with less actions. actually instead of a circle it must be a arc and trimmed automatically.

-edit- this method can be done by an arc. trimming still had do be done

The same for fillets/chamfers with surfaces.

Method above can be used until McNeel adds “real time” option to Fillet.

An arc is part of a circle. You can use Arc with the Tangent option instead of Circle, and move the cursor so that the fillet arc remains before completing the Arc command. The resulting fillet is the same as if the circle command as used. Still need to trim the curves.

as I wrote…:wink:

Hi Patrick - are you suggesting a preview stage in the command where you’d see the fillet in place before accepting the result, or interactive feedback along the lines of ArcBlend where you drag handles around? Or?

BTW, just as an aside about setting radii, V6 allows you to select another arc as the radius -

Type Radius and Enter - invokes the Radius option

At the prompt for the radius, type Radius and Enter again. This time it invokes the nestable radius command.

Pick another curve to set the radius in the Fillet command.

Also works with Length and Distance, and not just in the Fillet command.


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I could not figure out how to fillet two curves (always got “too large radius or not in same plane” error), so searching the forums led me here.

ArcBlend is exactly what I wanted, and works fabulously.

However, yes, curve fillet should work exactly like that, but have a single radius instead of the two that ArcBlend uses.