Export Geometry from world and layout space?

Exporting parts of a rhino file via scripting works well:

rs.Command("-export C:\\test.3dm enter")

But how can I export a layout and its elements as well?
Just selecting the elements on the layout too did not work.

Would I have to build up the Rhino file table by table via the File3dm class ?

see also Export layout with selected geometry to a .dwg

Hi @Goswin,

Does this mean the details and the model space objects in these details?

– Dale

@dale yes, I want to export some objects from model space and some objects from a layout space. Basically a drawing in model space and a header in layout space with a detail view onto the model space

Hi @Goswin,

This is not a capability of Rhino. It’s probably easier to just open the file and remove all the layouts you don’t want.

– Dale

@dale that doesn’t sound ideal. I have a large model of a building with many facade panels. I am exporting a drawing for the manufacturing of each panel as pdf. along with that I would like to have a rhino file that would allow me to make some small individual manual revisions and reprint. So that would be just one panel in model space, some dimension lines, a layout with a detail view and some header text. It would be nice to have a method that just takes a list of object GUIDs (from model and layout space) and layout GUIDs and makes a 3dm file from those, taking care of the layer table, dim styles and other tabels automatically. Could I do that via the File3dm class ?

Hi @Goswin,

I’ve added your comments to a issue we already have in our system:


Since the scope of your export wish is limited (no materials, textures, linked blocks, etc.), then there is a good chance you can do this with File3dm or just by creating a headless document. But without having tried, I don’t know where the road blocks are.

– Dale

Thanks @dale , what is a „headless document“ ?