Export layout into a dwg format?

Hello - just wanted to ask if there is a possible solution in the future for the problem …

as - BauerNaval- askad in the past:
“If I create layout drawings of 2D or 3D objects it just has to be possible to export the layout with everything visible there into a dwg format.
Every one of us has to work with different companys and many clients are working with Autocad.
If no one ever has seen this necessity at Mc Neel this would be a true disaster.
Export options are great in Rhino, but what are my layouts good for if I can send them only as pdf?
Any other cad software can export the layout drawings to dwg, This is an industry standard and a true show stopper for Rhino. Why should I have to buy Autocad, export any needed 2D view and create my drawings in Autocad?”

Or is it possible to export the layout by using a plug in ?

Sort of…

Creating a Save As in a dwg format will include the Layouts and Details (paper space in autocad) as well as the model itself (model space in autocad) similar to an exported dwg file. Depending on how you set up your plans this may or may not work perfectly.

For instance, I use the Visualarq plugin to generate plans. Since it cuts the plans from a live model it does not export the plans into dwg with those cuts. When I send backgrounds to consultants I cut Plan Views of the levels I need using the plugin, and then export those instead of plans cut from the live model. I typically don’t put those Plan View backgrounds on layouts, but you could. You would then save out the model as a dwg and it would include the layouts.

To my knowledge there is not a way to effectively print a single sheet as a flattened dwg without sending it as part of a larger model / layout combo.