Print Layout as pdf


I would like to ask if there is a possibility to export drawings from layouts to .DWG instead of printing to PDF?

Dear Petras - what exactly are you digging for ?
… (1) also the .dwg format has the concept of layouts. therefore - if you save a .3dm file as .dwg - with some (to many ?) limitations the layout-space will be exported in the dwg.
… (2) in Rhino you can copy-paste between layout-space and modelling-space. (but not the content of the details)
… (3) did you try to: (in layout) saveAs → Rhino pdf → reopen pdf in rhino → export as .dwg
(don 't create the pdf via print)
(you will get the layout-space linework into modelling space of a dwg… but of course also with limitations…)
not sure if this helps - kind regards - tom


Thank you, your ideas helped to solve this issue.