Export fail in Rhino 6 beta

Trying to export object from Beta version only create a shortcut, but no file.
Even from Beta to Rh5.

You’ll have to provide quite a bit more information because this works as expected here and lots of people have been using RH6 for a long time now.

problem here to , can not save a r6 file , it makes tmp files but not the r6 rhino file , export to r5 did fortunatly work
can not send the file as i can not save it , also export selected does not work it says writing to disk failed …
opened the r5 version and i could save it again as a r6 version after installing last update today

I am using Rh6 since many month by the time it was called WIP, with no problem exporting objects.
It’s new today. I have upgraded yesterday evening.
Export does only produce a shortcut in Recent.
The first try was to make an stl file.
I have then tried stp and Rh5, no success.
The only way I have find to get out is copy-paste the object in an Rh5 file and then export with no problem.


Have you tested different destination folders for your export? This sounds like it might be a Windows permissions issue or something… What is your OS/Language (maybe that also could be a factor…)?


The problem is getting worst After getting out by saving file, the Rhino file desappear, including the 3dmbak file.

Look in the Recycle bin, you might find your .3dmbaks in there… maybe even your original files? --Mitch

RIGHT, there are there.
With all RhinoAutosave files from 4 days.

OK, so something is definitely going wrong if all the files including your .3dms and .3dmbaks are going directly to the trash… the fact that the autosaves are in there is now “normal”…

@JohnM - any idea what might be happening here? --Mitch

Less panic…Thanks, and Sorry, I forgot to say that stl and stp files that I made were there to.

OK, good… Your OS/Rhino are in French? --Mitch

Not sure what to suggest here, there is no good reason Rhino should ever write a exported file to the trash. Does this happen if you try to export the file to your “My Documents” or “Desktop” folders?

Yes, my OS/Rhino are in french.
I never use My Documents or Desktop, but dedicated folder , most of time in Dropbox.

OK, and this happens when you try to save in any folder? Can you do a test saving a file to the desktop just to see what happens? I assume your Dropbox folder is also on your local disk?


I did the following:
-1- Export stl on the desktop -> OK
-2- Export stl in My document -> OK
-3- Export stl in dropbox dedicated folder -> OK !!!
-4- Close the file with saving -> OK !!!

So know, I just feel sorry to have wasted your time .

Just today, using V6 Beta trying to export a file to Sketchup the file would not complete the save using “save as” command. I then tried the “export selected” and saving as Sketchup and it worked once. After that one time, I couldn’t get the same V6 file to save as a Rhino 5 and it wouldn’t save the open file to the V6 format.

Something going on.

Hi Jim - are you saving to a folder that is monitored and backed up, like DropBox or GoogleDrive?



Yes, Dropbox.


Hi Jim, Saving as 3dm has come up before when dealing with backed up folders - it seems to be a matter of timing, the 3dmbak file needs to be replaced and it is being churned by DropBox… so waiting a few moments should allow it to work, but for skp files the 3dmbak part does not come into it. and, does this work better, or differently, from V5, same operation, with skp?


Hi Cal-

I just tried saving a V6 file as a sketchup and it hung the file, had to close V6 due to unresponsiveness. I then opened V6 again and saved the file as a V5, I then opened the file in V5 and then saved that as a sketchup and it saved it…