Failed to save Rhino 6 file

Hey there,

I’ve just purchased the Rhino 6 for Windows upgrade and have been having trouble saving. I only noticed this because I was periodically getting “Autosave failure” in the command history. When I tried to save my file, I got an even more worrying notification


Any ideas on what’s going on here? I don’t want to just export my model because then my layouts and associated settings will be lost. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hello - are you saving to a DropBox, Google Drive or other monitored and synced folder?


Another possibility we are seeing a few of is in Windows Defender > Virus & Threat protection > Virus & threat protection settings > Make sure “Controlled folder access” is Off.

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Yes, my file is saving to a Dropbox folder on my computer which is set to sync with the cloud, but the Autosave is local to my computer.

Hi John, I’m on Windows 7 so I don’t think my version of Windows Defender has this option.


I have the same problem.

  • Rhino 6 Evaluation Version - 80 days left
  • no method of saving worked
  • tried to save locally
  • copying from this file is not working
  • export is not working


This sounds more like your eval version thinks it’s expired. Other people having the file save problem have reported that saving under another name, copying/pasting or exporting still works.


Hello - just to confirm - saving to say, the desktop, works, is that correct? And Autosave - does this fail always?
can you run the Autosave command a few times - what happens?



Autosave was running automatically and I think it had failed for about 400 minutes or something. In the end, I was able to save the file out as Rhino 5, and I’ve been working in Rhino 5 ever since.

Also, saving to desktop did not work at all - this was the dialog box that popped up “failed to save Rhino 6 file”

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I believe this is a real bug - nothing to do with the evaluation. @thomasn 's problem is a problem with (it would appear) Rhino 5 annotation styles imported into Rhino 6 (possibly in a linked block). We are still working on the solution.

@alice.kaii Have you imported any Rhino 5 dimension styles into your file?

If you load the V5 file that you saved in V6, can you repeat the problem where it can’t be saved?

Do you have a way to otherwise repeat the problem by following some specific steps in Rhino 6?

Hi again!

When is this problem going to be solved?
I had to stop testing Rhino 6 because i have to import Rhino 5 files quite often, and if the problem occured, there is no other way than to close the file without saving, which is really annoying…


I am also having this problem. It is not a evaluation as i purchased it 2 weeks ago. Won’t save to desktop or dropbox.

@Stephanie_Clerkin, @thomasn - can you see Andy’s questions above

Does any of that apply to your case?



Try Changing the location of Autosave folder.

I have the same problem. I’m using the commercial version Rhino 6.
When I try to save my file to hard disk or Dropbox, i receive the error message “Rhioceros 6 Failed to Save”.
For me the workaround was to save the file to Rhino5 file format.

Hello @orgelbouwwuyts,

Do you have a file which you can reproduce this problem with? It would be really helpful to get our hands on the file to see if we can reproduce.



I sent you a private message.


Hi there,
i have the same issue here, and i can’t save or export or event copy/paste the drawing i did.
I am scared to lose 3 hours of work (which can be redone but…).
Any idea of what is going on ?

Spec :
Rhino 6 pro on Windows 10
I am in between Google Drive and a servor.