Unable to export or export selected

I am battling quite a complex problem with my Rhino 6. It doesn’t move past the stage when clicking “export” or “export selected”.

The window doesn’t pop up showing me where I want to save to, or what file format I want to save to. It just hangs when I click export or export selected, forcing me to have to force quite the application. This is with any .3dm file, new or old, any geometry, curves or solids. It is not specific to a file or what I am trying to export - it simply won’t export in any way.

See screenshot below:

Also, my laptop is new, Rhino 5 exports perfectly, and have run a diagnostics on the MacBook (which came back 100% clear), so it cannot an a hardware issue.

I have tried the following:

  • Deep uninstall and re-install of Rhino 6.
  • Deleting .plist files
  • Erasing and reformatting my MacBook from recovery mode.
  • checking all plugins are enabled

So far, the problem seems to be isolated to me, as identical MacBooks in the office run the application with no problems.

Please help! Unable to export is making my newly purchased application close to useless!

Any other ideas I can try?

Any help is appreciated

Can you Save or Export any file of any type to your Desktop?

I cannot save or export in any way. I don’t get a pop up window when I click export

In the Rhinoceros pull-down menu > Preferences > Licenses, what does it show?
Please do not post a screenshot here on the forum as it contains license information.

What does it say?

“Rhino 6 Commercial”

Try Quitting Rhino (Cmd+Q).
There is/was a bug when validating a stand-alone V6 license on Mac Rhino.

After restarting, can you Save/Export?

Please read my post above - I have been through far more extensive processes than quitting the application… I have reformatted the laptop and countlessly re-installed the program with no change…

I’m trying to help in the context of a public discussion forum.
I’ve started with the situations I see a lot that act like you describe.

That said, this is not the sort of problem that can be figured out here in the discussion forum.

Please contact Rhino Tech support in your region. I can’t tell where you are located.


@Craig-1 Did you ever get this problem resolved? I have the exact same problem and have gone through very similar steps to try and resolve the problem.

Still unresolved. Are you also running a Mac?

Hi - is any one of you running Rhino on a stand-alone license or are you using the license in the cloud zoo?
What happens when you type -export?

Yes, running a stand alone licence. When I type -export, it prompts to check tick boxes, but then as I click “browse” I’m yet again stuck with the hanging export load bar

Thanks. When you start a new file from a default template and then save that - does that work without problems and lets you browse for a location?

Yes exactly, but if I were to try and later export that file generated, it will not let me browse file locations etc