Autosaving Funnies

I am experiencing something very unusual I don’t remember ever seeing before. Each time WIP 6 makes autosave ( default path C…AppData…\6.0\AutoSave\ ) than the saved file almost immediately ends up in the Recycle Bin…!

It only happens with rhino 6 and no other program is affected, including rhino 5.

Is this something WIP 6 might be causing or rather my windows ( win 7 Prof. ) is acting up…?
Could it be rhino has such a low opinion of my 3D modeling it rather recycle everything…?


Hi Darius - this is an attempt to make AutoSave a wee bit more of a saver than before - I’ll let Kyle explain - @theoutside… I’m blaming you - remind us what this process is doing now?


Ha, so that’s why my HDD is running out of space quicker than a heart beat…

we tried to make the autosaves, actually save somewhere useable. In several cases we (well me really) were seeing autosaves being auto deleted even in cases where you’d not want that to happen. Now all autosaves go to the recycle bin, so in the even of a catastrophic crash, you can simply go to the bin, retrieve a saved version, and resume work. If you don’t need them, a simple empty trash will free up the space-

love it? hate it? let us know-

Since you ask… :wink:

Hate it.

  1. I’ve never had an autosave disappear on me (a personal problem, I guess…)
  2. When working with 2 - 3 GB files and autosaving every 15 minutes, I have to spend too much time on thinking about file admin on my little laptop SDD.

I work on desktop with plenty of SSD so no problem here. And now after knowing it’s something by design and not rhino playing games I cannot think of another complain… Thanks


FWIW, it seems that as a side-effect of the new saving mechanism, when launching a second Rhino instance, the following warning pops up:


When clicking OK in that dialog, the file that is open in the first Rhino instance is “recovered”…

Hi Wim - thanks, I’ve seen one other report of this as well - @JohnM - do you have an idea?


Hi Wim,

If you click on the OK button what gets opened? Is it actually the last Autosaved file?

I have read through the AutoSave code and this is what it is suppose to do:

  • When a AutoSave completes successfully it writes an entry to the %APPDATA%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\settings\settings-Scheme__Default.xml. The entry is in the “AutoSave” section and its key is the window handle for the Rhino instance that generated the save file. The entry value is the full path to the successfully saved file name.

  • Rhino removes the entry associated with the saved file name when deleting or moving the AutoSave file to the recycle bin. For example if you open file A then run the AutoSave command to force a save you will see the entry appear in the settings file. If you open a new model and do another AutoSave the previous AutoSave file will get deleted, a new file will get created and there will be a new entry pointing to the new file name.

  • When Rhino closes it deletes/recycles the last AutoSave file name and removes the entry referencing it from the settings file.

  • When Rhino starts it iterates the entries located in the AutoSave section of the settings file, it converts each entries name to a window handle and checks to see if that window still exists. If the window exists it signals that session of Rhino is still running. If the window no longer exists Rhino checks to see if the file still exists, if it does you get the recovery dialog.

That is the geek level explanation of the process :slight_smile:

Hi John,

It seems like I will have to dig deeper into this one - I cannot seem to provoke it with some test files now…

It might have something to do with multiple Rhino instances, I would be curious to see what file it actually recovered and if you have more than one instance of Rhino open when it occurs.

It’s when I launch a second instance of Rhino and having the first one still open. But I’ll pay attention to which file gets opened.

It recovers the last Autosaved file, yes.

I just got the message about autosaving on the command line:

Autosaving file as C:\Users[…]\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\AutoSave\Pump Model - 3D - 004 (6908) RhinoAutosave.3dm
Autosave succeeded

Then I continued working for a minute or so and then launched a second Rhino instance. The warning dialog popped up and I clicked OK. The […] (6908) RhinoAutosave.3dm file was recovered.

The only thing that is different from what I tested yesterday is that this is a “real” project file and the autosave file is 980 MB. I’m leaning towards size having an influence here…


I will do some testing but it sounds like Rhino is seeing the auto-save file name associated with session 1 and is unable to confirm that the session is still running. Can you tell me what version of Windows you are running?

I was able to verify this and logged it as RH-41100

RH-41100 Has been fixed.


RH-41100 is fixed in the latest WIP

Hi I have been working on my model for 3 months and have upgraded to the latest build yesterday. I exported a few selected items and saved them as a different name but it has overwritten my entire model, its gone. I just opened a backup version and it is now saved as the same file as the exported one. Every file I open is being rewritten! I am losing everything. I have a back-up from a week ago saved to the cloud but its saved as Rhino 6, so i am terrified if I open it in WIP it too will be overwritten. I cannot open it in 5.5. What can I do, please help me. This is a disaster…any way I can recover the files?