Motorcycle design/concept

Well, after a few months learning Rhinoceros 3D, reading official pdf tuts, and some video tutorials as well, finally - it’s here. Design concept of a motorcycle. No blueprints, or 2D drawings/concepts/pics…just straight out of my head. Measures and some automotive standards I implemented on a go, but accommodating them to my idea. Basic things, height, length were respected. So I did not go with some crazy photorealism or to turn a viewer’s mind and looking into full blown environment along with motorcycle, but I rather went with custom lightning, simple setup, black background, and rusty floor… just to emphasize and to put a designers idea - into first plan.
Tools used > Rhino 6 / Vray Next 4.2.02 (for rhino) / Xnurbs / Blackmagic design Fusion for some
p.s some renders are 4K and some are 8K, so right click> open in new tab and enjoy in all of theirs glory :slight_smile:

and some close ups > details



Thnks :slight_smile:

This looks really cool @rezolucija43