Bike Concept,

Hi guys, just wanted to post a sparetime project i did, Cheers.


Sweet! What did you use for renderer?

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And you just started using Rhino last week… Nice work!

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Impressive modelling! And a really cool design as well :clap:

@sgreenawalt is used blender for rendering.
@joseph lol, not even close.
@Normand thanks

These renders were also done in blender.


What’s the workflow like taking Rhino surfaces and bringing them into Blender for rendering?


Basically i convert everything to polygons, give all the materials a seperate colour, export as an obj, in blender go to edit mode, press p and select by material, that will make each object seperate by material (which is defined by color in rhino)


I’d be curious to see this rendered in rhino as a comparison seeing it uses cycles which is the same underlying engine in blender.

clearly blender has a few more features enabled (for now) but I’d love to see what you can get from rhino itself… Gorgeous model and renderings… thanks for sharing!!


It is a professional work, bravo!

Does the cycles really holds up to the latest blender version? this is blender 3.0 when i get the chance i might try out the rhino renderer, as of now ive gotten a little bit too comfortable with the blender environment. Thanks.

@sciensman thanks alot

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I guess that’s what I’m asking you- :wink: I’d be curious as to your thoughts on how they compare.
I know Nate is working on more cycles goodness for rhino, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on where we are now.

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Rare to see such quality design work on the forums. Marvellous work! I’d love to hear more about your design process and approach.

lol, man at the moment all my rhino 7 spare time is being spent on learning subd but it would be nice to have all the features inside rhino, i dont know, maybe in the future if i get around to it (im getting old, all these new softwares and features and learning everything from 0 again is getting harder every day)



Design process and approach, well i wanted to design something with visible chassis because i love that look, i just make a pureref file with all the bikes and shapes ive seen that i like and just start, when i end up hitting a bump i might make a sketch or 2 didnt do too much of that to be honest and a lesson i keep having to learn is sketch more.

i started this at the end of 2020 and got stuck, why? i had to sketch more from the get, when i had some spare time in 2022 i decided to pick the project back up, and finished it in a couple of weeks i think, basically also scrapped a whole lot of the previous look.

I think this is where i left of (bad screengrab)

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Thank you for sharing! Do you have any more screengrabs of the rhino file in normal (shaded) view mode. I’d love to see how you’ve constructed the surfaces. Just curious: what’s you’re background?

HMU if you get stuck with SubD… happy to help-

Sure, here’s some screenshots of the design process and of the wireframe.



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Will do thanks, here’s my first serious attempt.

Some surfaces were pure luck so i still have some learning to do to find out how i exactly do something,…