H6 | E-Volution concept

Hello. First time poster. I wanted to share my first automotive design project done in Rhino 7.

E-Volution concept selected renders.

The full project can be found here: Behance


Your car model is beautiful. Did you create all of the surfaces in Rhino 7? Which render engine did you use?

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Thank you. I used Keyshot 10 on this project

Hi, Lee Rosario

It is a glorious work!

Is it an innovative work or you used a pattern?

Did you create it with subD?

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Thank you @sciensman

Not sure what you mean by the question but I can say this was originally a design for a private client. He had some ideas of what to create in the electric car space, so this is what I came back with.

Being my first car in Rhino, I didn’t use sub D. Having worked in blender for a few years now, I do plan to explore the sub D tools in Rhino for sure.


great work! thanks for sharing!

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thanks so much!

did you implement sunstars and flairs in post? or is that part of your renderengine?

I did it in post as an overlay. Keyshot unfortunately dosnt have built in flairs so I’ve resulted to that for a while in my automotive work. I have a folder with a variety of flair profiles so I can place and size to taste.

I had started playing with unreal engine for this reason, but still not sold on standalone still render quality. Unreal to me is great for motion rendering with built in effects

This design looks very mature and quite original. BMW should hire you to save their brand :smiley:


Thanks Ivan :slight_smile:

Btw, new xnurbs collab using this car as an example


That rear looks a lot more Porsche inspired. BMW would ruin such a nice model (add a castor tail to it and call it GrandTouring?)

The logo might tick Audi…

That front smile though… Cartoonish…

Love how the wheels integrate in the curves of the car…

Hate the lower front spoiler…

Love the shark nose! Needs more of it - check Duntov…!