Edge Softening Issues

Hello @Gijs, here and with Cycles same or similar issue reported in this VRay post:

Issue reported many days ago which persist with last updates too:

Another possible issue with Soft Edgening changing Display Mode: Raytracing shows the previous Mat:

EDIT: Sorry must have been an issue recording the Video. With a PBR Mat and Soft Edgening when I change Display Mode from Render to Raytracing, this one shows the previous Mat

I remember that linked to Edge Softening there is a Texuture Mapping issue already send to study RH-81433

Repported here:

and here

SystemInfo.txt (2.0 KB)

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Another tried, may be an issue on uploading
![Edge Softening Issue|video](upload://artInrIQlOF9znVdINrD6ejXNKy.mp4

There must be a problem with the video, Sorry

Thanks for correction @martinsiegrist

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Your link was only missing a curved bracket ) at the end

Thanks for info, unfortunately the video doesn’t run as it would, I have lost all the procedure, I need to find a video recorder, XBox Game Bar doesn’t record Menus, VLC seemed to run ok, may be I have made a mistake elsewhere.

I will take another try,
Thank you very much,

I’m using OBS to create screen captures and Autohotkey to visualize mouse clicks and key presses.

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@Bartleboom pls send _SystemInfo, as I cannot repeat that issue in my current 8.8 build.

Thank you @Gijs

SystemInfo.txt (2.0 KB)

EDIT: like I wrote here

It seems depending on when one apply Edge Softening