Banding and wrong display refresh

With the latest realeses, regarding rendering with Cycles, things are improving a lot. Thank you.

Stays discrepancy among display modes which return different result then in shaded mode. I have to save the file, close Rhino and reopen the file.

With the latest update (Graphic Card Driver and Rhino) ugly bandings in Rendered Mode appear (Raytracing ok).

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System_Info.txt (2.0 KB)

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Please, nobody with this issue? I go on having refresh issues with the last update too.

SystemInfo.txt (2.0 KB)

Hi -

Can you provide a 3dm file and a step-by-step procedure to reproduce that issue?

Rhino is notorious for producing banding since many years. I have never had a single case with using Rhino without banding, no matter if I had “Nvidia” or “AMD” card.

Is Gamma functioning in Rendered viewport as it does in Raytraced?

Try turning Gamma off and Linear Workflow in the Render panel. Then you can retune your lighting (you may need emissivity increasing in local or sky lighting), and see if it is any better.

Hi @Wim,
I thought to send the file but as soon as I save and reload it, it refreshes ok. Maybe a RAM issue? I have often refresh problems with materials too

About the procedure it just happens after several movement or rotation, I could say above all with snapping, I will try to test it.

I will send the file as soon as it gives me back tha same issue. Thank you very much

Hi David, here is the comparison simply setting on and off Gamma and Linear Workflow.
Things seem to improve just a bit, may be the darkness. I have to play with the light to recover details and materials like you suggest, or setting Linear Workflow Off and the most appropriate Gamma value. I will try later to see what I can get.
Sure it’s a job.

Thank you very much

Hello Bobi,
I read something about it in the Forum, but it didn’t seem to be so evident to me in the previous realese, possiblle I’m wrong. I’m trying David suggestion. Thank you for answering

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Hello @wim ,
at last I have been able to reproduce the issue and save the file that hopefully should have preserved the error inside, at last on my pc.

I started moving different objects till one object moved differently between the View Modes then the Shaded one. The Front Plate is Selected.

You could try moving the plate in Shaded View and observe its position and selection in other View Modes, curious to see what happens on different PC.

Thank you very much,

Cassa 031 Error on Refresh 03.3dm (7.4 MB)

PS Let me know if you need the correct assembled file too, please

EDIT: Sorry it seems I’m not able to post full Videos. It shows just the last part but it should be enought to see what happens