Object won't edge soften?

The attached fails to show edge softening when applied. Any ideas why?


NoEdgeSoft.3dm(395.6 KB)

Hi Sam- it is there but so tiny it is not worth it… Looks buggy to me. I am also having a hard time making a custom render mesh stick. Something is broken here for sure.


Hi Sam,

This is an unfortunate side-effect of us fixing another bug that was causing very uneven, “wobbly” edges when using edge softening. We are currently hard at work creating a new and improved version of edge softening, which will not have these problems.

The reason why this happens is that we need to determine what the maximum allowed vertex displacement offset is. For this model the offset is extremely small, which means the edge softening effect is almost invisible. The algorithm can’t use a larger offset since that would risk getting inside-out triangles.

I would suggest using ExtractRenderMesh and then finding areas with really small triangles. If these small triangles are eliminated somehow, EdgeSoftening should work better.


Thanks David for taking the time to offer an explanation as well as a work around.

Much appreciated,