Object loses UVs when moved or rotated

Please, could you explain me because of when I rotate or move an object it loses its UVs?

Here I can rotate or move an Object without lose its UVs:
UV-Mapping-Demo UV Corrected.3dm (2.8 MB)

Here I can’t rotate or move the Object without losing the UVs:
UV-Mapping-Demo UV Wrong.3dm (2.8 MB)

The second file has been saved over the first one with some minor adjustments

This can occasionally happen on every object, even a simple box, and there is no chance to get a correct UV

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PS Please see my previous post

PSS Tutorial: Introduction to the UV editor in Rhino 8 by Brian J. Thank’s a lot, Brian

that’s really odd indeed. @Bartleboom can you explain what you did that made them go wrong?
It seems only Rendered display is being affected, in Raytraced they still show correctly after rotating.

@Bartleboom I see now why it happens, you have edge softening on in the wrong one.
RH-81433 Edge Softening messes up Rendered view UV mapping

Hello @Gijs,
thanks a lot. Great. When it comes to experience eh eh.

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