V6 Bug: EdgeSoftening updated by moviing object


old problem from v5 seen at v6: moving objects cause an updating of softedged objects. For example I’m working on a complex watch model, there mesh creation / soft edgening is quite slow. If I move the watch or parts than Rhino freeze for updating the meshes several seconds.

Also it could be nice if the last used radius would be remembered during a Rhino session.


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I’m not seeing this unless I make a change to the geometry so the render mesh must be recalculated. Just moving an object with edge softening on is not regenerating a render mesh for me.

Can you please supply a specific example and instructions to demonstrate the issue?

There is a slight chance this is related to

I open an empty template and create a box 100x100x100 mm. Than I apply an edge softening of 1 mm. Now I select the cube and move it sideward. During the movement the cube without soft edge is shown. If the mouse release the cube the soft edge is back.

That is a simplified mesh just to make dragging update quickly on the
screen. I don’t believe that is remaking meshes.
Maybe I’m wrong. I’ll check with the developers.

I added this:

after running this macro to create an object
it seams that each time the object is moved mesh is recalculated.

! _NoEcho
_D 0,0,0 10,10,0 10,10,10
_Sphere 10,0,10 5
_SelLast _Enter
_SelLast _Invert
_Sphere 10,10,10 5
_SelLast _Enter
_SelLast _Invert

Every time the object is modified while running in a shaded display, the render mesh has to be recalculated.
In your script this would happen when you:
draw the box
draw the sphere

If you switch to a Wireframe viewport to create and Boolean your objects, ApplyEdgeSoftening, then switch to a Shaded display, then the render mesh will only be calculated once when you turn on Shading.

I don’t see any Moving of the objects in your macro.

I forgot to mention that this is happening in shaded mode after the object is created and moved around using move command or using Gumball arrows. Each time the object is moved, on the command line appears this:
“32.9% of the edges were not softened because the softening radius is too large.”

See my second reply above.
I think there is an issue that causes render mesh regeneration when an object with ApplyEdgSoftening is moved. EdgeSoftening is working as designed but there may be another way that is faster if the softened mesh is used for the drag preview. However, that might cause other things to be slower so that’s why I sent it along to the developers.


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I sent an example file per message to John where moving per mouse cause a recalculation, the message “1.4% of the edges were not softened because the softening radius is too large.” is shown and Rhino is freezed for a moment. This freeze is quite long for complex models and needs to be avoided. Good luck.

Here a screenshot of R5 during a Bongo animation move - at each frame a new SE calculation:

As a work-around for V5, consider extracting the edge softened render mesh, and temporarily Hide the NURBS geometry. Animate the mesh with Bongo and render mesh recalculation will be avoided.

Thank you. Do you think it could be fixed for v5 too? Will be there a new SR or is Rhino 5 closed?

It’s a safe bet to say that there won’t be another SR.