Edge Softening bug

Hi guys, can you take a look at this simple file?
For some reason Edge Softening fails on 0.3, but ordinary filleting is OK at 0.7.

Maybe an underlying render mesh bug?

Edge Softening bug.3dm (304.5 KB)

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This happened quite often to me. A remedy is often, just like here, to use a custom render mesh setting. What I try first is setting the min. edge length to something bigger than the softening edge radius.
Anyway it mostly gives shitty meshes with gaps or spikey mesh faces, so whenever I can I just use rendertime softening in V-Ray.


Hi Jorgen - ‘Force softening’ does allow this to work, but it gets messy at the ‘doorway’ - that is where the thing chokes - keep in mind that it’s not doing anything accurate like a real fillet and I suspect the corners of the opening are where it all falls apart.