Display Modes Not Working



@brian worked, Localization folder back :slight_smile:
@jeff display modes went missing on me again today :frowning:. Had to shut down and restart to get them back. It seems to happen when I have multiple files open, maybe 8/10 at a time. It’s proving to be a bit of a pain and tempting to move backwards to V5 until I can get this sorted.

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #45

When you have 8-10 files open at the same time do you happen to make changes to display mode settings? Even between the different instances in relative quick succession?


Hi Nathan, once I have set my display modes I don’t tend to alter them, although I have had to play with them a bit whilst having all these problems, as mentioned earlier my main 2 are technical and pen mode, my layouts geometry is from Make2D command in technical mode, and some is 3d using pen mode.


have also noticed that when I open a file, and I click on a layout page it takes a while to load, the screen goes milky white, and Rhino becomes unresponsive, blue wheel spins for a while, then it seems to load the layout page and then seems ok to work on, it’s difficult to see us upgrading our licenses while V6 is causing us pain :frowning:

(Jeff Lasor) #52

Hi @milezee,

Does everyone use/have the Intel 630 GPU in their machines? We’re seeing some pretty serious issues at the moment with this GPU, and I’m trying to get a handle on them…However, if you’re seeing these types of problems on other graphics cards, then I’d like to get a list of the ones your office is using, and which ones are exhibiting these problems.

Note: We’re not seeing anything like this on NVidia or AMD cards at this time…in fact, I’m not seeing this on other Intel GPUs …only the 630/640 series.



Hi Jeff, I’ve got the newest machine in the office, less than 12 months old, only mine with the Intel 630 :frowning:

(Jeff Lasor) #54


Ok…Then I’d like to try getting some of my changes to you to try out through a developer’s build… I’m not ready to give you anything at the moment, just giving you a heads up to see if you’re willing to go through the process of downloading and installing developer builds over and over again, so that we can try things out… I have a 630 machine here, and I can duplicate some of the things you mention in this thread, but I in no way push Rhino in a “commercial” capacity the way you do, so getting real world testing is really the best way to do this.

Hopefully I can get you something by tomorrow (Tuesday 4/24).


P.S. So is no one else seeing this issue in your office at the moment?

(Jeff Lasor) #55

Also, is this a laptop or desktop? The Intel 630 GPU is built into the CPU and “cooperates” with the motherboard so that the primary display adapter is simply the built-in GPU… However, if this is a desktop computer, then you can override the built-in GPU by installing another graphics card into the primary PCI-E slot on your motherboard… I’m not suggesting this as a solution…just trying to help you get work done, and hopefully get a better evaluation experience with V6.

Obviously if you’re going to be installing developer builds as I mentioned, then you shouldn’t do this yet…but you might consider looking into getting another graphics card in the mean time…or perhaps you already own one (preferably not too old :slight_smile: )



Yes I’ll test some developer builds, no problem, I really want V6 to work fine, otherwise they will make me return to the dreaded autocad :fearful: :flushed::stuck_out_tongue:




:joy::joy:work of the devil that acad stuff :rofl: , and to be even more honest I’m looking forward to the day when Rhino for Mac has caught up with it’s bigger PC brother :slight_smile:

(Chris Kuether ) #59


Sooner the better…


Hey Jeff, ok, downloaded and installed, will start using from tomorrow, cheers :slight_smile:

(Jeff Lasor) #63

Well, if that’s the case, then there will most likely be another BOTD waiting for you…


(Jeff Lasor) #64

Hey @milezee,

One more piece of information…Since you’re now getting daily builds, I’m not sure how that’s going to impact your current shader cache… So just to be safe, please run the TestShaderCache command and confirm that the command line now says “Cache Disabled”… The setting is remembered, so you only have to do this once…and not every time you run Rhino. I promise I’ll remind you to turn it back on when we’re done. This will cause things to run a tad bit slower on startup, so just be aware of that.



ok all set and going, Jeff are you taking diagnostics remotely ? and do you need feedback from me too ?

(Jeff Lasor) #66

No remote monitoring… So yes, please let me know how things are going…and again, let me know the exact version you’re running (In the About/Splash screen).



Version 6 SR5
(6.5.18114.20221, 24/04/2018)
Rhino has only crashed a couple of files today, it has still been freezing up and becoming unresponsive for a few minutes and then back to working, it seems better than before, still big problems when using different display modes in layouts and trying to print straight to the printer, this almost always freezes Rhino, problematic in Artistic, Arctic, and sometimes Pen mode. I have not had the same problems as before saving my layouts to PDF format, which is good :slight_smile:
Jeff, this machine also has Nvidia Quadro K620 GPU card, should Rhino be using this too ?

(Jeff Lasor) #68

It’s not a matter of “should”…it’s a matter of how you’ve got things configured, and which port your monitor is plugged into. As I mentioned, the Intel 630 is built-into the CPU, and therefore the motherboard has a video port on it, either HDMI, DisplayPort, or DVI… Your Quadro is most likely sitting in a PCI-E slot, and it too will have video port(s) on it…again, either HDMI, DP, or DVI. Which port is your monitor plugged into?

If you can, take a snapshot of the back of your computer and post it here…Without it, I can only speculate.

That being said, if you do start using the Quadro, I’d like to get more specs on it… I have a K620 here (I think), so I’ll see how it responds to V6 compared to the Intel 630… You might want to stick with the Intel…won’t know until I run some tests.

I’ve made more tweaks and changes over the last couple days, and I’ll be checking them in some time today…which means that tomorrow’s BOTD should have them…so if you’re still on the Intel 630, I’d like you to try tomorrow’s BOTD.