Problem With Display Modes in Rhino V6

I’m trying to use arctic and rendered display modes on a model with a lot of Rhino lights that previously worked in Rhino Beta but now doesn’t seem to display in the latest V6 (6.2). Command line reads that it’s making meshes…and it just hangs, can’t “esc” and end up closing the file.

Running Windows 10, 64 gig ram, with dual Nvidia 1070 graphics card – driver reads as up to date.



Hi @jvm33,

How many lights are “a lot of lights”? Do you think it would be possible to send us the scene for testing?


Hi David.

I will send the file. I’m gonna guess that there are about 18 spots. When
I created the scene in Rhino beta I don’t recall having any issues and
Rhino rendering the scene in display mode very fast.



Hi David-

Here’s a link to the file.