Disable SubObject Selection?


Is it possible now to disable sub-object selection?
If there is no toggle available now, I would like to request it as an additional feature.



Hi Jarek and RMA,

if I understand right I have the same or a nearly the same problem. If I use Ctrl+Shift to select objects from groups, than often I get the control points of meshes which are not in groups. This happens if I have scenes with groups and not grouped meshes and I try to select the objects of specific area per rectangular selection. The selection of mesh control points cause a slow down of Rhino or a crash by to high RAM usage. It could be great to get the old R4 behavoir, where I never got the mesh control points.


Yes Micha, this is exactly what I am after.

We used to be able to use Ctrl+Shift+Window-Select to select objects that are part of the groups.
Now it is only a sub-selection. I need to be able to select objects from the group easily at object-level, not sub-object.

With dense meshes doing so in V5 often just freezes Rhino, but it is also a problem with other geometry types.

A simple toggle in the Options would be great to restore the old behavior. Or some other key combo?



Yes I run into that as well (a lot); actually its a sub selection and object selection

I’m not sure how such on/off sub-selection would work.
Maybe an item to filters along selection filters?


If Rhino offered the top level object within in a group at the top of the list of possible selections (edges, etc) would that help?
Hmm, window selection is still a problem though.


I like @Willem’s idea of adding the sub-selection on/off switch to the filters…

@pascal - is there a way currently to select some objects from the group using window select and not selecting the entire group or subobjects?

Really missing the old functionality from V4 daily (if not hourly…)


Hi Jarek- I do not see a way so far, I’m afraid.


Pascal, will be implemented a fix at the next SR? I think automatic sub-object selection isn’t so much needed, since the user can turn on control points, if needed. Please add an option to get the R4 behavoir.

@Pascal - that’s what I was afraid too. It’s a major step back in basic functionality from V4, even though all the new subselection in V5 is great… Please, please - have this functionality back!

I was trying to communicate this problem during V5 beta but either I didn’t explain clear or not enough people were using it actively to see the flaw in the regular workflow.

Is it something we can hope for in the next SR?

@mikko, can you add your $.02 if you get a chance?


We’re way past feature complete for V5, so the only thing I could do was add TestToggleSubObjectSelect test command for toggling sub-object selection with Control+Shift. When disabled, Control+Shift only ignores grouping, and does not select sub-objects. It should work in a future service release built from the current source. The command does not autocomplete or show in command list, and the setting does not persist between sessions.

Right now the best workaround may be grouping the problem objects with themselves. When a mesh object is in a group, even alone, sub-object processing is skipped when selecting.

I never liked combining sub-object and group member selection to same key combo, but that’s the only option we had, and still do.

hi Mikko,

Tried in the latest SR RC3 but I guess it didn’t make it there yet… but it sounds like this may work.

How about Control+Shift+Alt + Selection (pick/widnow) to have old behavior with groups and only Control+Shift to work with subobjects with no need for the toggle? Any conflicts?

With the toggle my idea here is to have Sub-Selection off by default and then have a macro that turns it on and off at the same time changing some UI appearance (like command prompt color) to clearly see that the SubSelection mode is on. Ideally this would be implemented somehow in Rhino but I know this is too much to ask now. V6?

Thanks for addressing it and looking forward to testing it out in the next build.


I made the change to source yesterday, so it will take weeks or months before it makes into a public release.

Alt forces window select, so it can’t be a part of the key combo. The user may want to use Control+Shift to do sub-object select with Alt forcing window select.

I’m afraid a command or checkbox in Selection Filter toolbar may be the only solution. We may need two commands, one for toggling sub-object select, and one for toggling group select.

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Hi Mikko,

Thanks for the update on this!


Hi Mikko - sounds good. Even the testcommand toggle will make a big difference for now. Thank you~


Thank you for the testcommand, it will be a great helper.

Hi Mikko,

Just tested the new test command - works great and does exactly what we were after.
For now it is a good solution; looking forward to having it implemented into real UI in future releases.

In the meantime, since the “_TestToggleSubObjectSelect” is a non-persistent, toggle switch command, I made two quick scripts to enable and disable the sub-object selection with the use of the new command. To be used with a button and/or (in my case) as a default startup script to have the sub-selection disabled.

Thanks again Mikko~
V5-DisableSubObjectSelection.rvb (668 Bytes) V5-EnableSubObjectSelection.rvb (663 Bytes)