Possible? Toggle sub-object selection (ctrl+shift-left mouse)

Hello People,

I was wondering if there is a toggle to turn on and off, the selection of objects in groups, and faces etc.

To clarify, what I meant is to toggle sub-selection on, to be able to just add sub-objects to the current selection, and then when i’m done selecting objects toggle it off again.



Hi Peter,

on Windows os the _TestToggleSubObjectSelect command should do it.


Oh thanks very much I’m going to try that out! Would save me a lot of rsi strain! : )

[edit] Ah I see I must have been unclear, what I mean was, to be able to add sub-objects to selection, without holding down the ctrl+shift, so that I just activate the option, and at the end could toggle it off again.

I did not mean to disable it but to activate/disable it without having to hold ctrl+shift all the time. (when selecting a lot of sub-objects.)

For regular objects, i would suggest to use the _Select command. But for subobjects you need to hold down ctrl+shift. Maybe V6 needs a new SelectSub command to accomplish that.




What I’ve figured out so far, perhaps useful to others;

Windows it’s own function, "sticky keys"

It makes it possible to toggle ctrl &/or shift button for easier workflow.

Hi. Found your post with the _TestToggleSubObjectSelect option and it fixed a gripe I have had since installing V5.
Using the Mouse Group Select - Window Box functionality by Left ->Right dragging in Rhino V4 would select ONLY fully included objects, but in V5 this seemed broken and annoying to me since Left->Right dragging would select sub-surfaces in a polysurf or sub-curves etc. instead of excluding the part because it was not fully window selected.
Thanks to this Test command Drag Select in v5 is functioning as it is supposed to again.
Drag select is great for quickly selecting a few poly’s out of a bunch.
The default method in Rhinov5 is useless to me.
This should be an option in the Rhino Properties, especially since it didn’t work this way in Rhino v4 or is at least a new way of working with drag select in V5.
Michael VS

good to hear that post had some use ! Happy modeling :wink:



Are you referring to trying to select objects from within a group, without selecting the whole group? Because that is what the Shift-Control-Window Select was useful for in V4, before we had sub-object selection, as discussed in this topic. If the objects are not grouped, you wouldn’t need to hold Shift-Control, and the behavior is the same in V4 and V5.

I would like to reiterate the request for a set of sub-object filters as discussed in that topic, but for a different reason. I would like to skip the selection pop-up menu when I want sub-objects but not the whole polysurface when objects are grouped. If I could turn off polysurfaces, it would save a lot of clicking when I want to select just a bunch of sub-objects from a group of polysurfaces.

While we’re on the topic, another thing I would wish to change with sub-object selection is the ability to deselect items without canceling the selection. In other words, if I sub-select some items, I can select more objects in the usual way by holding Shift, but if I want to deselect something, holding Control does not work in the usual way, it cancels the entire selection.

Thanks, Mark

Hi Mark,

if i understand right, i guess Michael was referring to Window and Crossing selection.


Hi Mark
Yes. As you describe. I am trying to window select ‘whole’ objects/polysurfs which are in multiple groups using the CTRL-SHIFT option, the way I did in V4.
This is usefull for quickly grabbing a few polys which belong to different groups and isolating them without removing them from their respective groupings.
In V4 the window select would select the object only if it was full enclosed by the selection.
In V4 you could also still select sub-surfaces and sub-edges of a polysurf (Even if it was in a group) by CTRL-SHIFT and point clicking on the edge or face of the part you wanted to sub-select on. Very usefull for using a single surface of a poly without exploding it.
Problem: Even with this _Test… Comand in V5 Sub selection is either ON or OFF for both operations at once, which doesn’t work well for either. If I toggle sub-selection off then the window drag mode works with CTRL-SHIFT as it did for V4, but then Point Click sub-selection with CTRL-SHIFT is dead.
Vice versa if I Enable sub-selection then the point click CTRL-SHIFT sub-selection works, but then window drag mode selects all the little sub surfaces of enclosed poly’s which is useless and nulls the whole point of inclusive window selection. ie. You end up with half of a poly selected or bits and pieces of multiple objects.
Michael VS

Hi Michael - if you make two boxes, group them and Ctrl-Shift window select around one of the boxes, you get all edges and faces as well as the top level polysurface selected. If you Ctrl-Shift crossing-select, you get some faces and edges and the top level object selected. Is this the problem for you? Does Rhino actually do anything differently with the selection than it would if only the box were selected? I understand that it is not very helpful to report the selection of sub-objects and the parent object…


Hello Pascal @Pascal_G
I’ve made a 3Dm file to illustrate the functionality problem.
Please see attached.
What is actually needed is an option to affect window mode sub selection separately sothat I can get window drag model to work as it did in v4, without affecting normal CTRL-SHIFT point click selection.Sub-Selection Funtionality 01.3dm (391.5 KB)
Michael VS

Hi Michael- yes, I see- thanks.