SubObject Selection Filter needed


We would find it very helpful to have additional options in selection filters:

  • SurfaceEdges
  • MeshEdges
  • PolySrfFaces
  • MeshFaces

EDIT: I guess this would be a separate filter toolbar as the current one is pretty crowded already (on non-4K screens anyway)

Often we struggle to pick a face and not the edge, and vice versa.

Thanks for considering this request.


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Jarek - did you try the SubObject setting in Filters? I mean, is this request on top of what’s available there?



Hi Pascal,

I see that when I ‘check’ the SubObject filter, the names include the Curves/Edges, Surfaces/Faces etc.
But it does not do what I would expect it to: when SubObjects is Unchecked, I can actually Ctrl+Shift_Select all types of SubObjects. When it checked, I cannot select any subobjects, no matter if Curves/Edges etc. are checked or unchecked.

What I would like to have is being able to select subobjects but not for example edges, only faces. Or only edges, and not faces. Is it possible in current WIP ?


(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Jarek - if that setting is checked, then sub-objects are selected directly, not via Ctrl-Shift. Does that work as you expect with filtering?



Oh, I see… I was still Ctrl+Shift Clicking… now it makes sense and works well.
Nice that with the key combo in SubSelection mode you can still select entire objects.
Different than what I thought but I like it better. Thanks for clarification !



Oh, one more thing - in WIP, I see there is no more “_TestToggleSubObjectSelect” commad to turn off the subobject selection completely. The main reason not to have it was not to window-select sub-objects while selecting within groups etc. I see there is a Options menu checkbox: Options > Mouse > Allow Window Selection of sub-objects. Is that the equivalent ? If so, is there a command/macro version to toggle this setting without going to the options dialog menu ?


(Pascal Golay) #7

Yep -

_-Options _Mouse _SelectionAndMiddleButton _AllowWindowSelectionOfSubObjects=**Yes/No** _EnterEnd


(Gustavo Fontana) #8

This subobject filter is useful. I still would like this as a faster way to get to what I want, without turning on/off filters and checkboxes:


got it, thanks. I wish there was a version as the test command. Still when CTRL+SHIFT clicking (not window-selecting) within a group to get a single object, I get prompted for all the sub-objects as well.
Maybe we should just keep the Testcommand there just for this one user that needs it ? :wink:



I would like to second Jarek’s request to retain the TestToggleSubObjectSelect command. In V5 I set up a button to toggle Direct Selection off or back on again, and I use it daily. Works great, turn it off and quickly nab my parts out of a group using Ctrl+Shift with no pop-up selection box.

Adding Direct Selection to the Selection Filter is a good idea, I just miss the ability to toggle it off altogether.


Hi @mikko,

Can we please have the ability to completely disable subobject selection back in V6 like TestToggleSubObjectSelect did in V5? Now the test command does something else… (plain subobject selection toggle) and we found it superuseful to be able to toggle the subselections completely on/off. Losing it will make our life harder when switching to V6 for production…



(Gustavo Fontana) #12

I agree, I probably use Ctrl+Shift for selecting an object inside a group 90% of the times. So the sub-object selection popup is getting on my way. What if we had two separate shortcuts for object from group vs. sub-object? That might be a better solution than toggling of/off to avoid the problem, instead of solving it?



We may run out of useful shortcuts unless you have some good suggestions. But dealing with in-group objects is exactly the conflict we constantly run into when Sub-object selections are enabled, that’s why in V6 it is problematic now. I am OK with solving the problem for now if we can’t avoid it :wink:


(Gustavo Fontana) #14

How about this?

Scenario A. Groups present. - If what you Ctrl+Shift-click on, is part of a group, it will select the object of that group. Not a subobject of that object of the group. At least as its default/fast behavior, right now it’s not only bringing up a pop-up but it’s also defaulting to the subobject. Like in these case of 2 cubes that are grouped, looks what happens when I Ctrl+Shift-click on it in wireframe mode:

What’s crazy, is that if you are on shaded mode instead, it does the desired behavior of just selecting the object of the group, not even giving you a chance to select the subobject:

I think this is right for me, but wrong for Rhino. The correct behaviors should be:

  • immediate selection of the object inside the group, no pop up, no subobject, only a popup of possible objects if more than one possible pick. This happens in all viewmodes (like it happens now in shaded mode)

  • if you keep holding down Ctrl+Shift after a few hundred milliseconds the selectin goes away and a pop up shows up and gives you OTHER relevant choices. In this case it makes sense to highlight in blue something other than the object in the group, because you obviously waited to ‘change’ from that selection.

Scenario B. - If what you Shift-CRT click on, is NOT part of a group, it will select a subobject of that object of the group, or if multiple subobject at that mouse-click target, Rhino gives me a choice of what subobject I mean. But this also needs to be cleaned up, like what I had posted in my other topic liked a few posts above, regarding pop up shown into a hierarchy:


Hi Gustavo, I think what you suggest is a good idea and should work well, especially if added the hierarchy sorting of subobjects in PopUps. Would be great to have it implemented AND have a way to disable all sub-objects selections.

Here is another reason for this request - often with many objects present in the scene, we would Ctrl+Shift_Window select, not knowing if ANY groups are present, but if so, it would select objects within the groups and not the entire groups. In V6 this will select subobjects, and your proposed solution does not cover that case. We run into it constantly and it messes things up and even freezes Rhino when trying to do certain things with a large number of various subobjects selected unintentionally. Not asking for anything new, just keep the old V5 disable subselection testcommand behavior or make it into another name testcommand…


(Mikko Oksanen) #16

Hi Jarek, that setting is now at Tools->Options->Mouse->Allow window selection of sub-objects. Originally it did exactly what the test command did, disabled all subselection, but was changed to only apply to window selection based on user feedback. Does that help at all?


Hi Mikko,

Thanks, I saw this setting before and it does solve part of the problem, as the other sub-objects selection filters do.
Unfortunately this is not very convenient to work with and I still wish for one-click/command complete enable/disable of SubSelections.

Please understand that it is all about the speed and efficiently and without the old option there are too many things and options that get in the way to efficiently switch between sub and non-sub mode. Even if we disable window-select, there is still an issue of click-select and popup with tons of selection options of mangled together objects and sub-objects when working on complex models, which is the case in 95% of our work.

We consider the SubObject mode a ‘special state’ and want it only ON when needed, because otherwise it gets in the way of working efficiently and making selections and makes us prone to accidental selection mistakes. So a quick total On/Of toggle via button or command for this is ideal. Just as we have it in V5. Please bring it back in V6.


(Mikko Oksanen) #18

Hi Jarek, I just revived the V5 version of TestToggleSubObjectSelect, and renamed the command that was in V6 to something else.

In a near future build you can again use TestToggleSubObjectSelect to disable selecting sub-objects with Control+Shift+click. Window selection is handled with the setting in the Options dialog. Seems like eventually this may need to be added there too.


Hi Mikko, thanks - to keep this efficient as one click/command toggle general switch we will need the Options dialog checkbox(es) accessible from CommandLine, so it can be hooked into macro or script.

thanks again-



Hi Mikko, with the TestToggleSubObjectSelect DISABLED, the window-subobject-select still works.
Can it be enabled/disabled all together (override the Mouse Windowselect setting if DISABLED)?

We need either full sub-object edit mode or none whatsoever… the current mix is not very efficient.