Cut and paste directly to Autocad (DWG)


Is it possible to cut a 2D drawing from Rhino to Autocad without saving it to dwg? This will be a very useful feature.



Currently you can copy from autocad and paste into Rhino, I think the opposite direction is still in the works. At least in testing just now it doesn’t appear to be working


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Thanks for answer. Can you please help me with autocad-rhino direction. I only can get pasting image od copied objects from autocad.



Hi Igor,

Unfortunately I don’t think bidirectional copying is implemented just yet.

Here’s the bug/feature tracking on it:

Perhaps @John_Brock can weigh in but recently I haven’t seen any updates on this.

There is this plugin that allows copy/pasting between different 3D software applications but AutoCAD is not supported sadly:

Just sharing that in case you or anyone else finds it useful.

Definitely useful! Hope this finds it’s way into R8.

Are you testing with the Rhino 8 WIP?

hi @stevebaer
In my testing, it is very wired that autocad(2023) behaves, sometimes it can be transferred with any type of objects including annotation, block, brep, etc. from Rhino in a short time, and once trigger some stuff that i could not find out the rule yet, it will always transfer into a picture.

but I find out an interesting thing that is using another excellent cad software BricsCAD, and it can be always well transferred.

maybe can find out a thread between them.

We place several different format type into the clipboard during a copy operation in Rhino. There include 3dm format, acad format, and an image. ACAD must reads the acad data, but must fail in certain cases and resort to the image data. If there is a repeatable case of data that results in an image pasted into ACAD, please share and I’ll see if we can do anything to fix this.

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