Copy/paste geometry between instances of Rhino and Autocad?

Hi. Just a curious question.
I am using this script for quickly copying meshes inbetween 3ds max and rhino. Love the idea and it works quite well!

Would it be possible to do the same for Polylines from Rhino to Autocad?


Hi Anika - we have added some copy/paste functionality in V7, but not DWG so far. My limited understanding is that technically this should be possible, but I have no idea when it might be added.
Does your script put the mesh on the clipboard for Paste in Autocad or does Autocad open the temp file through some other operation? In any case that script can certainly be tweaked to work on polylines, it looks like.


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Hi Pascal. The reference script works between 3dsmax and rhino, not autocad. How it works under the hood i dont really know though.
On the user side of things i just assign some command in 3ds/rhino to copy and paste the files.