Wish: ACAD-Rhino-ACAD copy clipboard

Perhaps there is a script I’m unaware of, but in most firms I’ve worked, AutoCad is still widely used. Geometry is constantly being passed back and forth between the 2 programs. I have so often wished for a rhino command similar to the standard Ctrl+C that would convert and store the clipboard data in DWG format for pasting into Acad. Inversely, Windows clipboard data copied from Acad would work similarly to the Rhino Import function. I imagine the 2 commands might be named:

The conversion code already exists as part of Rhino’s export/import functions. This would just combine these functions in a way similar to the Windows clipboard. This lets a user pass data within the sessions rather than having to create and name and organize numerous little block files.

If there exists a utility that already does this please point me in the right direction. Thank you.

Brian Jackson

Hi Brian - I am not aware of a plug-in that does this… the workaround would be to make a macro in each that points to a dwg file on your system - in Rhino to export and in ADad to import and vice versa:

At the Rhino end it might look like this:

! _-Export Pause "C:\Users\pascal\Desktop\Temp.dwg" Enter

! _-Import "C:\Users\pascal\Desktop\Temp.dwg"  Enter