Current object layer grayed out. Can't change object layer


(Dan Taylor) #1

Two of us at the office are experiencing this. No matter what object we select and what layer it’s on, it appears we can’t change the layer. If I select the layer and click ‘move objects to this layer’ they appear to move but if the layer has a material assigned to it, they don’t change to that material.

The layer selector appears to be a bug. Not sure if the material changing is a bug or just how things work.


same issue here


Here too - but not always…


(Dan Belcher) #4

I’m having trouble reproducing this one. It would be helpful if someone can provide steps to reliably reproduce what looks like an annoying bug.



Dan it’s quite intermittent, draw a cube, make a copy of the object, gumball drag/alt, or copy paste, then put the objects on a new layer, sometimes the properties panel becomes inactive, I have also noticed when moving the objects to a new layer they are not always taking on the colour of the new layer, hth

(Dan Belcher) #6

Thanks for these steps. I was able to reproduce this once, but I’m having trouble doing it again. I’ll keep trying.

Update: I’m getting closer to reproducing it. I think I’ve cornered this one…I think.

(Dan Belcher) #7

Got it! I don’t know why that was so hard the first time. Logged in RH-50838. Can you please verify you can reproduce this on your machine with the steps listed in that bug-track item?


yep thats it :+1:

(Dan Belcher) #9

Thank you! Damn, that’s annoying.

A temporary workaround is to switch the right-hand sidebar inspector from Object Properties to Inspector Panels and then back to Object Properties.

We’ll get this fixed. We have a lot of clues.