Objects seemingly on multiple layers

So my problem is that I’ve moved some objects from one layer to another in order to change the color. Yet, they still keep the color of the old layer and also change their color if the color of the old layer is changed. The objects still seem to be in the layer even though the program tells me that they have been moved. I even tried to move all objects to new layers and simply delete the old one. But when I try to delete the layer it still tells me that there are objects inside the layer, even though that when I try to select the objects in the old layer it tells me “No objects added to selection”.

When I select the objects in the new layer they get selected accordingly, but they still don’t adopt the color of the new layer and keep the one of the old one. (This is what’s shown in the attached image)

This is really frustrating since this should be a simple task, which has been frustrating me now for hours.
Help would be much appreciated.

I’ll provide more information if needed.

Changing blocks to new layers does not change the participants of the block to the new layer, if I recall. I fell for this problem a few months ago.

Try to BlockEdit, change the geometry to new layers, then change the block.

Thanks for the fast reply. I tried doing this but I find my self having a hard time with the BlockEdit menu. What exactly does it do and how can I use it to change the geometry to another layer?

Well, when you BlockEdit, you will see that anything outside of the block that is selected goes grey.

That means that you are editing the objects within that block (and any reference to that block from outside). So you can select all of the member objects, and change their layer to whatever layer you need.

When you are done editing, you close the Block as normal.

I managed to get so far as to open the block manager, but I frankly don’t now how to continue from here.
(Tried looking it up unsuccessfully)

You are already inside the Block at this point. Notice that you can now select individual geometry parts that would normally selected en-masse.

You can go to the object properties (or select all), and change the layer. One giveaway, is that when you Select All, it won’t select anything outside of the block (as expected).

Ok I finally understood it.

Thanks a lot, this really saved me.