Creating unified tubes shaped like corals

so I have been trying to mimic the shape of these corals

or these

I only managed to create the shape of the tubes, using curves and applying ‘divide curve’, ‘pframe’, adding later multiple circle using the ‘circle’ component and ‘sweep1’ for the circles connaction.
the qustion is - is it possible merge them into unified surface (and later apply offset),
so i could get a unified shape of the corals.

adding the gh file and the rhino file with the curves.corals_pipe.3dm (262.8 KB) (25.7 KB)

you know could “internalize” curve inside Grasshopper script, so no need of the rhino file. Right click on curve component …
you also could upload image with this button

For your problem the most simple, not fastest, is to use isosurface, here from Millepede
Or Dendro, that is most recent, fastest …

Using V7 it is also possible to remesh it with quad and smooth it very well …

Many many ways, variations … (20.9 KB) (32.3 KB) (28.6 KB)


thanks a lot! looks amazing [=

Thanks, your idea is also very interesting so it gave me an idea. I tried to construct some automatic sponge growing. Not yet with all the control I want but it gives interesting results.


that looks so cool!
happy to inspire [=