Testing new QuadRemesher

Sorry, I’m not a native English speaker and sometimes I got it wrong.

“Polygons of varying heights and widths that better fit the original shape”
“Variations in polygon density in areas of high/low detail”

Surface like this is extremely low detail.

Righ now, no matter the settings I always receive 12 quads from 8 quad surface.

I take it this is a design decision, and it is certainly important in many cases. However, in many other cases it isn’t; in fact it may be more desirable to have rectangular quads -subject to a maximum aspect ratio, of course. Do you think this could be included as an additional capability?

How well does Quadremesh handle singularities like the poles of a sphere? Does it make three-sided degenerate quads?

Do you anticipate ever including the ability to mesh a Rhino solid into cubes/parallelepipeds?

Jakub -

You can also use Extract Connected under Mesh edit tools. The break angle are different enough that any of these can be a face:


I did not see an answer to this question.

I also am interested if QuadRemeshed object will somehow preserve vertex colors and textures in the original mesh?


Some more tests. Probably should wait for the new build, but it’s too tempting to play with it :stuck_out_tongue:

quad remeshed.3dm (3.5 MB)


@Terry_Chappell in its current form it does not transfer any mapping data.

Hey, that is easy to check for us and we know that it doesn’t :wink:
But given that you know the code behind it perfectly, are there any chances that it will?

I see that something about UV was mentioned in here:

Create multiple resolutions for optimized SubD conversion, UV Mapping, 3D Printing, etc.

It would be absolutely fantastic if creation of 4 LODs would not need 4 manual texturing tasks.

Use guide curves to influence edge loops and poly flow.

Also there, some people would find it handy, that they don’t need to reproject face texture on this beautiful, new mesh.

@Czaja its on the road map but not something that will be happening in the immediate future.

That’s all I got to know for now. I understand that it’s a lot of work. I am happy that something promising is already there.

Can you get nice results from this?

Rhino WIP 7.0.19189.20125

quad remesher 10-07-19.3dm (393.1 KB)

@Czaja thanks we’ll take a look.

When we were testing this feature we also had difficulties with simple geometries like that with hard edges. Is this problem already adressed?

Hi - we won’t know that unless you provide a 3dm file with geometry that you are running into problems with.
Also include the result from the Rhino SystemInfo command so that we know which version you are using.

Sorry, I am no longer practicing at this place, so I don’t have an access. I spotted something similar and I was just curious.

We want to Rhino 7 for mac with this epic tool ! :slight_smile:

Well… that’s just a download away, isn’t it?

yes … thank you. ! :slight_smile: its perfect!

On mac build is working guide curves command in QR? …

Had an excuse to download WIP 7.0 yesterday - as I was sent a file that was a candidate for using a quad-remesh work flow.

Can’t show the actual file, but here is an example of using the Quad-remesh to get an object that converts into a T-spline (and in the future Sub-D) work flow.

The Quad-remesh converted to a very workable T-spline file, much better than anything else I have tried.

The output polysurface here is a little messy - I would clean up the star point locations to give a cleaner layout BUT that is not hard work and for what was a very quick test these results are AMAZING.

I’m looking for to the SubD tools matching my Tsplines work flow - NEED Axial Symmetry before there is any chance of moving on.



190823_Quad Remesh to Tspline.3dm (6.0 MB)


I need the same workflow as you with tsplines. I need to convert complex mesh into a subd and then into nurbs polysurfaces as Tsplines done before. Do you think that QuadRemesh will do exactly the same ? By converting subD into patches ? I don’t want to use Fusion 360 for that, it was so good to have this kind of conversion into Rhino. I wish to find a solution. Thank you

Hi Emmanuel - I’m not sure what the exact question is. QuadRemesh doesn’t convert SubD’s into patches. QuadRemesh is for creating regular quad meshes out of triangulated meshes.