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Can you give some comparison examples that I can share with our dev?
In SolidWorks (although it took a long time to open the file) when I change the mesh to a pretty high setting, it shades in about 30 seconds

Fusion 360
Upload the file, open, convert, shading, is less than 10 minutes


less than 10 minutes, could still mean the same speed in this case, in Rhino you got 9 minutes, right?
I’m just interested in the shading times, so how long does it take to generate the meshes?
You mentioned

so I wonder, which others than Fusion360 did you test?

In less than 10 minutes fusion 360 upload to the cloud convert from .3dm and render.
I’m not able to check only the render phases.

This one stop hi count at 45minutes. Every modification we mede at the solids will take this time to render.
I think we are talking about “aria fritta” this is for sure something that need to be improved if possible. If not It is impossible to work with a model like that.

Thank you.


Hi @Marco_Romagnoli ,

It might be that there is a bug, but this is far from sure. I would say that even 10 minutes is still too slow if you want to shade your changes every time. As shown, for some reason, on the Mac, shading goes a magnitude faster. The model you sent was even faster on an M1 mac. (15 seconds). If this is the work I would need to do daily, I would seriously consider that option.
FYI: I did other shading tests on models, where the time to shade was negligible between Windows and Mac.
Out of curiosity: what kind of edits do you need to make to these files? It might be that using a slightly different workflow can ease your pain. E.g. splitting up the model temporarily until all edits are made.


We create this file in rhino!!!
We already do some kind of workaround to bypass this issue. But you can understand that is annoying.
I’d like to transfer to Mac. But our current workflow involve lot of programs that run only on PC.
Is from long time for sure probably that is the reason why nobody ask for a bug.
Locking for any possible improvement in this way.

Have a nice weekend.


@Marco_Romagnoli For example, since your model is symmetric:

This shades in 7 seconds with these settings:

Not the prettiest mesh but depending on your needs it might do the job

I know really well At the end in this case we need to do some img of the whole crate, put some writted insert. And for sure send the entire file for manufactury.
We know now the limits and the workaround.


Hi @Marco_Romagnoli I’ve made this YT RH-72571 Meshing speed

But take note that this is not likely to be solved anytime soon, hence my suggested workarounds, which I shared also for others that might come across this issue.

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RH-72571 is fixed in the latest WIP.

@Marco_Romagnoli it would be great if you can give this a try on the models you are working with.

I’ll let you know.