Can Rhino handle mesh without being very slow?

Rhino V5.
PC spec:-
32Gb Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR ram.
Nvidia GTX970 4Gb ram.
Intel i7 4790 3.g GHz dual core CPU
Windows 64bit pro.

Open double precision polygon mesh: 10624052 vertices, 13927807 polygons with normal

600Mb file

every movement takes many seconds, saw rhino not responding twice.

Rotate took 15 secs .
Impractical to work with as everything means waiting 15 or so secs.

I cant have this mesh and another in a project, rhino not responding twice just on this 600Mb one.

I dont find meshes easy to handle in Rhino as even a 45Mb is like wading through molasses.


I get quick response for my mesh with 18M faces and 9M vertices, colors and textures, a 2GB .OBJ file.

Do you have enough RAM? I have 128 MB and never see all of it in use so there is never paging to disk while working on the mesh. Look at the performance monitor while working on your mesh. Is more than 16GB in use?
When I work on my 100M faces mesh then Rhino is much slower. Also the first time I select the 18M faces mesh I have to wait 15 sec for it to be highlighted but after that it is fast.

I do have many cores on my machine (>8) but I do not think that makes as much difference as having enough RAM. I also use a M.2 SSD with PCie 3.0 X4 interface with a BW of 3GB/sec read and 2GB/sec write but if you have enough RAM Rhino will not page to this “disk” so it should not make much difference once your mesh is loaded into Rhino.

Rhino can provide good performance when working with large meshes (>10M faces). So if it is not the RAM it could be other issues like the display setting on which I can offer no advice.